War vets root for Chiwenga

He claimed that Chiwenga has a clean political record and was not involved in any criminal and corrupt activities.
By Nkululeko Sibanda Jun. 2, 2024

VP Chiwenga’s nursing school shut down...as factionalism gnaws Zanu PF

NewsDay has gathered that the government recently ordered the closure of the school after it was established that its operations were below standard.
By Mirriam Mangwaya May. 20, 2024

Economic woes cast shadow over Harare’s Sadc summit preps

The upcoming summit that Harare will host has a potential for global recognition and strengthening of Africa’s international relations.
By Evans Mathanda May. 17, 2024

Health ministry ‘fixing’ Chiwenga’s mess

“VP Chiwenga is said to have created chaos at the Health ministry and the new guys are trying to fix that,” a source told NewsDay.
By Garikai Tunhira May. 16, 2024

Chivayo divides Zanu PF

They said Mnangagwa’s recent public appearances with the ex-convict had raised eyebrows within government and party leadership.
By Kenneth Nyangani and Sharon Buwerimwe Apr. 29, 2024

Zanu PF deploys FAZ for by-elections

Zanu PF has  revealed that it had deployed FAZ and Heritage Trust members at each polling station to secure victory in the by-elections.
By Problem Masau Apr. 26, 2024

Charity begins at home.

Just for argument’s sake: What would happen if government today decides that the only currency it will accept for all its services and all the taxes citizens pay is the ZiG?
By Newsday Apr. 26, 2024

Zanu PF are cowards: Independent candidate

She has since raised the issue with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission which has reportedly promised to look into it.
By Stephen Chadenga Apr. 26, 2024

No place for Chamisa in our politics: Chiwenga

He reminded the voters of April 28, 1897, which marked the beginning of the 1st  Chimurenga war after spirit mediums Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi were beheaded.
By Problem Masau Apr. 23, 2024