Zimura makes its point at Sino-African Copyright

Zimbabwe-China relations are highly attributed to Zimbabwe’s look east foreign policy which sought to strengthen ties between the two countries.
By Alfred Tembo 17h ago

Chinese donated parliaments, bad report on Africa.

China also supported the liberation struggles of countries such as Zimbabwe and Angola as well as the anti-apartheid movements in South Africa.
By Ronald Chipaike 17h ago

‘Nothing amiss in Chinamora scenario’

In an interview, Advocate Method Ndlovu said the order to clear reserved judgments was in accordance with the law.
By Staff Writer Dec. 1, 2023

China targeted by climate campaigners over controversial East Africa oil pipeline project

The activists said China and Chinese firms should not be a “last resort” for a project with a devastating social and environmental impact on Africa.
By South China Morning Post Nov. 27, 2023

EU-China Summit: the trust deficit threatening trade and diplomacy

Trade tensions are threatening to bubble over, as the bloc considers action against Chinese subsidies of electric vehicles, wind turbines, medical technology and solar equipment.
By South China Morning Post Nov. 27, 2023

Can China avert post-peak economic recession without harming Western economies?

The cheap labour which violated human and labour rights is what attracted European and American corporates to China.
By Tapiwa Gomo Nov. 27, 2023

Judge’s sudden resignation opens a Pandora’s box

Human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa also wrote to Mnangagwa and the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) a fortnight ago to rein in Chinamora.
By Sydney Kawadza and Tinashe Makichi Nov. 24, 2023

China's political engagements in South Asia- peddling with democratic norms

Bangladesh, as a case in point too has been experiencing a similar pattern of economic coercion that leads to political influence.
By The Singapore Post Nov. 23, 2023

Biti alleges politicization of his assault case

Yesterday, he also complained about a showroom that was built by property developer George Katsimberis which was demolished after he built it with an alleged fraudulently acquired plan.
By Desmond Chingarande Nov. 23, 2023