BCC switches to US$ billing system

Council finance chairperson councillor Tawanda Ruzive told Southern Eye that they have also decided as a department to switch their accounts to foreign currency.
By Patricia Sibanda Jun. 17, 2023

BCC to seal off illegal pick-up points

He said the Bulawayo CBD was clean during the COVID-19 lockdown period after a number of activities were decentralised to residential areas.
By Zanele Ndlovu Jun. 15, 2023

Uproar over council bills

“We have received a lot of complaints  from the residents concerning the  water billing  system,” Dube said.
By Patricia Sibanda May. 28, 2023

Residents angry over Gwayi-Shangani Dam delays

The city has battled chronic water shortages for decades and most suburbs go for weeks without tap water, leading to fears of disease outbreaks.
By Nizbert Moyo May. 25, 2023

Health hazard looms as Byo suburbs go for 3 weeks without water

The notice said water would be supplied to high-lying areas for four hours, and three hours for other areas.
By Rex Mphisa Mar. 9, 2023

BCC gets tough on vending

The city council says it has designated informal trading sites in the central business district and suburban areas.
By Tapfumanei Muchabaiwa Jan. 9, 2023