The counter productivity of fragmented investment systems

The absence of handling facilities in mass markets also constrain traders in terms of commodities they can buy in bulk and store before they start incurring losses.
By Charles Dhewa Feb. 21, 2024

A defining moment for ED

The last Cabinet, which was a mixture of youth and experience, ran its race and the results are there for all to see.
By Newsday Sep. 8, 2023

‘Agric sector supplying 60% of industrial raw materials’

According to statistics from the Agriculture ministry, in 2021 Zimbabwe’s economy grew by 7,8% largely as a result of the 36,4% growth recorded in the agricultural sector.
By Freeman Makopa Apr. 18, 2023

Govt pushes for tobacco value-addition

Lands and Agriculture minister Anxious Masuka said government seeks to meet its ambitious US$5 billion tobacco industry by 2025 through beneficiation of the crop.
By Staff Reporter Jan. 11, 2023

Fake bio-fertiliser dealers on the prowl

Unscrupulous dealers have, however, reportedly tampered with the fertiliser.
By Varaidzo Mudewairi Nov. 24, 2022

Government crafts soil conservation policy

The introduction of the policy comes at a time when Zimbabwe, like the rest of Africa, is experiencing droughts and reduced agricultural yields.
By Lorraine Muromo Nov. 15, 2022

Corruption visits Lands ministry

According to a report compiled by the ruling party’s land and resettlement department, the officials were engaged in systematic corruption of grabbing land from vulnerable groups.
By Problem Masau Nov. 2, 2022

Payment delays threaten tobacco farming preps

TIMB invited all tobacco farmers who have not received their payments to come forward for assistance, and added that orderly marketing was fundamental to the success of the industry.
By Rugare Mubika Nov. 1, 2022

Bogus soil testing companies on the prowl

Lands and Agriculture ministry head of the Chemistry and Research Institute Emmanuel Chikwari said fake soil testing companies were on the prowl.
By Varaidzo Mudewairi Oct. 27, 2022