How Beitbridge became a hot election issue in SA

Nearly half of the 2,4 million foreigners living in South Africa are Zimbabweans, according to the latest census.
By Umberto Bacchi May. 5, 2024

Politician claims TikTok account suspended for supporting Mnangagwa

Mncube, who is based in South Africa, said he had posted a promotional video commending Mnangagwa for some of his ‘developmental projects’ since he assumed  office in 2017.
By Sharon Buwerimwe Apr. 19, 2024

Liberation movements plot against opposition parties

The liberation movements have been known to sides with each other even in disputed elections.
By Miriam Mangwaya Mar. 18, 2024

ANC urged to call Zanu PF to order

Some Zimbabweans have fallen victim to xenophobic attacks in South Africa on charges of “stealing” jobs from locals.
By Lorraine Muromo Feb. 7, 2024

ANC NEC removes Masondo as head of OR Tambo School of leadership

It's resolved to instruct the school’s chairperson, former deputy ANC president Kgalema Motlanthe and its board to remove Masondo.
By Eye Witness Sa Oct. 19, 2023

Mbalula likens bombing of Gaza hospital to a genocidal crime

The party is calling on the world to descend on Palestine to see the humanitarian crisis unfold for themselves.
By Eye Witness Sa Oct. 19, 2023

Polls leave female politicians wounded, traumatised

They experienced a plethora of challenges, among them victimisation, violence, lack of funds, lack of support from political parties and lack of freedom of expression.
By Sharon Sibindi Oct. 14, 2023

Ceteris Paribus: Zanu PF vs Sadc: Can Zim survive alienation?

It has always heavily relied on the regional bloc for support in times of crisis and for regional trade.
By Tinashe Duma Sep. 1, 2023

Think tank predicts tough times ahead

Due to its geographical position, Gavin also emphasised that Zimbabwe’s deep-seated economic crisis could potentially plunge the whole region into turmoil.
By Tinashe Kairiza Sep. 1, 2023