Together for Health: Unlocking the potential of partnerships in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of a united front in combating health adversities.
By Luckson Soda 2h ago

Film industry policy document takes shape

Former Big Brother Africa contestant, actor, director, filmmaker and environmentalist Munya Chidzonga believes the film industry strategy is part of the solution to upgrading the film sector.
By Winstone Antonio 2h ago

Dubai carbon trader buys up African forests — saving the planet or environmental colonialism?

Blue Carbon will initially take 70% of the sale price of the credits, with 30% left for Liberia.
By Phillip Van Niekerk 16h ago

Gems make slow start 

The tournament rolled into action on Tuesday and will stretch up to December 6 with a total of six women's teams and four men's teams taking part.
By Magreth Ruzvidzo 21h ago

African mass markets demonstrate the value of contextualising gender issues

Generally, African communities develop in their ecosystem based on embedded strong traditional relationships. As indigenous ecosystems, African markets do not have one definition.
By Charles Dhewa Nov. 29, 2023

Paramount Garment celebrates 75th anniversary

Paramount group finance director Jeremy Youmans reiterated the company’s commitment to honouring its employees.
By Brent Shamu Nov. 29, 2023

ManLuckerz returns to Club Hellsten

Speaking from his base in the Scandanavian country, Chikutu said he is ready for the show adding that he will be sampling new songs from his forthcoming album.
By Lifestlye Reporter Nov. 28, 2023

‘Climate change to blame for Africa's continual cholera outbreak’- Africa CDC Director

Kaseya says cholera continues to be a public health threat due to the effects of climate change. 
By Sizalokuhle Ncube Nov. 28, 2023

Gems begin African Safari

The Gems are currently ranked fourth in the continent and 13th globally.
By Magreth Ruzvidzo Nov. 28, 2023