Why are slots called pokies down under?


Australians have a fun way of doing things and that’s why they are so fascinating and loved by people from all over the world. The cool accent and the fact they name things differently only adds to the charm and this is something casino fans are well aware of. Slots are the most popular games in the world and you will find them in both brick-and-mortar casinos and their online counterparts. Not surprisingly, they have a special place in the hearts of Australians, but they refer to them as pokies.

A tribute to old-school poker machines

More than a century ago the first slot machines were invented and Americans made them popular all over the world. Commonly referred to as one-armed bandits, the games found their way to bars, gaming rooms, and casinos. They were loved by people because of the simple and fun gameplay, as well as the smooth learning curve. Some of the slots have a fruity theme, but many used poker cards and symbols, so many people called them poker machines.

When Australians got their hands on the first games of this type, they were naturally charmed. They used the name pokie as a short version and the name endured, even though the theme of the game has changed greatly. A century later, they continue to call them pokies, but only a fraction of the slots have anything to do with the poker game. Australian gamblers will know what you refer to when you speak about slots, so don’t worry about being misunderstood in the land down under.

Australian pokies are here to stay

Online casinos brought pokies back into the spotlight as they provided players with convenient access to their games of choice. Slots were right from the start and the cornerstone of their portfolios and this hasn’t changed in recent years. The Australian gambling market is well-regulated and both local and international casinos provide games following the law. Slots are referred to as pokies on their platforms and the same goes for bonuses and special promotions.

Mobile devices can be used to play these games and online casinos offer them for free or real money. Australians decide whether they bet real currency or use the play money provided by the casino to have fun. Bonus recipients are expected to make a deposit, but the games can be just as fun in demo version for risk-averse punters. An Internet connection is all one needs to enjoy pokies from the comfort of their home or wherever they may roll via mobile devices.

Pokies have changed greatly over the years, but it would be a mistake to assume that this is their final form. The advancement of technology is unstoppable and virtual reality is just around the corner. Some games are already available in VR and more will be offered in this format in the years to come.


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