Divine Insight: How to approach dreams

Most of the symbols we use in interpretation are from the Word and that’s the primary foundation for dream interpretation. 

The primary tool for dream interpretation is the word of God.

It carries major symbols that we use for interpretation.

Consider grass, for instance. In the Bible, it is a symbol of man.

We see this in (Psalms 102 vs 11).  “My days are like a shadow that declineth; and I am withered like grass.”

The Bible also says, “out of the mouth of two or three witnesses a testimony is confirmed” (2 Cor. 13 vs 1).

So, when looking for symbols in the Bible, there must be at least three scriptures that confirm.

Our example of man as grass can also be seen in Psalms 104:14, Isaiah 37:27 and Job 5:25.

Most of the symbols we use in interpretation are from the Word and that’s the primary foundation for dream interpretation. 

Grass can also be a symbol of human life and its fragility. The scriptures are the foundation to build upon in understanding how God communicates.

Any vision or encounter must be weighed against the word of God.

In the Bible we see the dream of the baker and the butler (Gen. 40 vs 5-23), the baker had three wheat baskets and each basket spoke of a day (24-hour day) in the dream of the butler. 

Each branch of the vine symbolised a day as well. The baskets had bakemeats inside and birds came and fed from the baskets on top of his head.

Some birds in dreams are demonic agents and in the dream of the baker they come as a symbol of the spirit of death.

The butler’s branches budded, which showed restoration and in the baker’s dream, the birds ate the bread which showed loss of life.

Both dreams had a central theme which was that everything mentioned in dreams was going to happen in a period of three days.

Each dream had different symbols for days. And if the butler was also to die, there would have been a symbol of a worm eating the branches.

Each dream had specific instructions for each dreamer.

When God is communicating with us as men, he uses so many symbols and he takes these symbols from our lives.

But each symbol has a meaning that can be traced from the Word of God.

The key is, when you have a dream first, note it down then go on a journey through God’s word to seek the meaning of each symbol and then allow those meanings to help you have a conclusive interpretation of the dream.

The baker had room to repent, but he refused to repent and through his ignorance lost his life. Dream interpretation exposes both God's purpose for your life and it also exposes the enemies’ intentions against your destiny.

What was the last dream you had and did you interpret it through God's Word?

The easiest thing to do is to have a vision or have a dream. But the hardest thing is interpretation.

Many homes have been destroyed because people failed to interpret dreams properly.

Parents have been accused of witchcraft because one of the children had a vision or dream that appeared as if the parents were witches.

 It’s one thing to see a dream but it’s another thing to understand what you are seeing.

Let’s start off by understanding that dreams are important, but now let’s push to have a clear understanding of how to interpret Dreams.

God bless you!

  • Humphrey Mtandwa is an apostolic teacher of the word of God and founder of Believers Voice of Triumph Ministries. He has authored many books, including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness, Night Parables and Theophany. If you want to connect with him or have any questions, get in touch on www.apostlehumphrey.com

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