2023 Ford Everest will win your heart

2023 Ford Everest

Ford stated that consumer feedback was very important not only in the new Everest's design but also in its technology as the maker included more cutting-edge, innovative technologies on board. The SUV's maker spent time learning about what customers wanted and needed from an SUV. Therefore, this SUV was created with your input, which is unusual in the automotive industry.

At first sight, you can notice many of its Raptor sister traits on the front, which are now squarer and “boxier” and have replaced the Everest's previous roundness in the design.

The Everest makes claims of strength and capability on the outside, and let us tell you, it certainly lived up to those claims both on and off-road, but we will get to that in a moment.

For the time being, it will make the rivals' vehicles appear dated, and these are stunning cars. The stylish Isuzu MUX, which was introduced last year, is a beauty. Although The Fortuner has good looks, it needs to catch up. The market also needs a brand new  Pajero Sport.

The engine

A fantastic 3.0 V6 turbo diesel engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission work well to propel the Everest. The drive is nothing short of spectacular, producing an amazing 184kW and 600Nm. An unmatched driving experience is produced by power that is constant across the rev range with no lag and incredibly smooth gear changes.

Stylish interior

The Everest's Platinum-spec interior has soft-touch materials upholstered in sumptuous leather and accented with grey faux wood panelling. However, the seating is covered with the same plush leather and has a quilted design embroidered into it. Additionally, mood lighting is installed throughout the cabin to create the ideal ambiance for stargazing.

Haul/tow mode

Even though the Everest has a variety of drive mode options, the Tow/Haul feature stands out.

This mode prepares the vehicle to tow up to 3500 tons braked, activates trailer sway control, enables camera functionality such as reverse indicators to line up the tow hitch as well as deactivating BLIS and other features related to the load being towed. It also permits you to perform a trailer light check.

Interior space

The Everest has three complete rows of seating and ample storage to meet the needs of a growing family. However, if you opt to fold the seats flat, you'll gain just about 2000 litres of room, which is easily big enough to fit the contents of a small house.

Camera in 360 degrees

The Everest's 360-degree camera aids in parking, which is really helpful with a vehicle this size.

When the 4x4 is active, it will even show you a brief animation of the tire tracks on the video signal to let you know where your wheels are heading.

Environment control

With its automatic zonal climate control, the Everest allows everyone to discover their happy place. Front seats that are heated and ventilated, seats in the second row that are heated, and a heated steering wheel for the driver all come standard.

Superb performance and handling

The Everest is a dream to drive on the road; the velvety, soft suspension smooths out the bumps in the pavement, and the ride is incredibly quiet thanks to the 21-inch wheels and road-biassed tyres. The Everest won't be subjected to high-speed cornering, but if you do, it will withstand whatever you can throw at it, and it will even surprise you off-road.

Both cars feature linear power delivery from 0 to 100 km/h, with the Platinum obviously performing better at higher speeds. Obstacles will be eliminated with ease. The torque underneath will make passing other vehicles a breeze.

The new model maintains the same reputation as the old one for being extremely capable off the beaten road.

Even with the road-biassed tyre layout, the AWD system with low range and diff lock will make the obstacles seem easy.

The Everest has truly been hit with the equipment checklist by Tech Ford. The list of amenities is so extensive that we could spend all day looking through it, but the standout features—the 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and One-touch tailgate—really pleased us.

Terrain management

The Everest performs admirably on the highway, but since it is an Everest, it really shines in challenging conditions. The Everest uses a wide range of off-road drive modes and can handle some rather challenging off-roading. You may select between Sand, Mud, Ruts, and even Snow, and you can turn on diff locks as you navigate difficulties that a vehicle of this level shouldn't have to cross.

The cost

I anticipate the Everest will cost more than the Fortuner until a new Fortuner is released given the company it currently keeps.

It should cost anything between US$70K to US$100K. This range should cover from the entry level Ford Everest  to platinum which is top of the range. When you consider everything, the Everest has to offer, the pricing is extremely reasonable.

My decision

Simply put, you will adore having the Everest in your garage. It has earned its stripes as an urban mover and but most of all it will carry you off-road without hesitation and hiccups.

My view is The Everest is now encroaching into the Land Rover Defender 110, Jeep Grand Cherokee L and Toyota Prado category. While it is equally equipped and powerful, it is also far less expensive.

When it finally reaches Zimbabwe, you must check it out. It was introduced in South Africa around two months ago, therefore I predict that by the end of this month or so it will be in Zimbabwe. For individuals looking to purchase a high-end 7-seater in 2023, the all new Everest will be part of the purchasing debate.

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