Of WEF’s Great Reset initiative

The conspiracy theorists go even further to allege that WEF is a pride of capitalism and they cite the organisation’s key partners as proof of this.

THE World Economic Forum (WEF), an international non-governmental lobby organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland, founded in 1971, has come up with an initiative called: The Great Reset.

This is believed to be the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, the founder and chairperson of WEF as he aims to recreate a better world after the coronavirus pandemic, popularly known as COVID-19 which has numerous individuals, companies, societies, States and the world as a whole henceforth, the application of this initiative can ensure a new world is recreated which benefits nations.

The vision of this initiative is: “The government voice would become one among many, without always being the final arbiter.” Due to the economic meltdown experienced in 2008, WEF came up with the Global Redesign initiative which later changed to the Great Reset. According to WEF, COVID-19 presented the world an opportunity to rethink, rebuild, reimagine and recreate and this will be an engine to a lasting industry and the Great Reset initiative will accelerate all the efforts to change the world for the better, this stands to be challenged.

Schwab’s book, titled: Odd personal style, has, however, seen many allege that the Great Reset is part of a conspiracy, and COVID-19 was engineered since everything is falling into place like a puzzle. Nonetheless, the Great Reset allows States to engage in something different that might be of great advantage to most of the States through the use of technology for the good of the nations. Or does it?

The first meeting of the Great Reset was held in June 2020 soon after the outbreak of COVID-19. The meeting came as States were in panic mode and the WEF hoped to allay the fear in nations and instil a sense of security among peoples of the world. And by the way, why were other nations and their people sceptical about COVID-19?

The first video of the Great Reset was released by then Prince Charles of England on June 3, 2020, two months after the COVID-19 lockdowns had been introduced across the globe. Zimbabwe implemented its first lockdown on March 30, 2020, leading to the closing down of schools and later on industries.

Despite COVID-19 leading to the locking down of States and their activities, WEF saw it fit for the leaders of States to travel to Davos, Switzerland because it was aware that personal interaction creates trust; but, was it being genuine or it was selling dreams to the leaders, we wonder?

Nations were locked down because there was a virus on the rampage, but leaders were travelling, raising the question whether the virus was targeting certain individuals?

Realists argue that if the Davos community cannot prevent some things from happening in the first place, why should anyone trust it over things such as COVID-19 that the States had never heard of? So, the meeting gave WEF an opportunity to exercise State capture on the nations, the realists aver.

The conspiracy theorists go even further to allege that WEF is a pride of capitalism and they cite the organisation’s key partners as proof of this. WEF’s partners are Coca-Cola, Nestle, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple Moderna, Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. So is there any link between COVID-19, the global dynamics and WEF’s initiatives such as the Great Reset?

Just to thicken the conspiracy theorists’ allegations, closer home COVID-19 hit Zimbabwe at the most unexpected time (or maybe the most opportune time) as the country was experiencing inflation which led to hunger, unemployment and poverty.

How curious that COVID-19 assistance came promptly for struggling nations, while drug manufacturers rallied and stampeded to produce COVID-19 vaccines in record time. Meanwhile poor nations like Zimbabwe struggled to ensure their nationals make ends meet.

So who are the final beneficiaries of all these schemes?

After everything has been said and done, it still remains a mystery what the fuss was all about.


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