New victims emerge in Harare land fraud scandal

Victims of this scam, frustrated and helpless, have turned to local media to voice their grievances and demand intervention.

The fraudulent activities of a notorious couple, Florence (née Behane) Pambukani and Felix Pambukani have ensnared more unsuspecting victims as additional home seekers have come forward with their harrowing accounts. 

This follows an exposé detailing the Pambukanis' illegal land sales in Harare, which has drawn widespread outrage and calls for justice.

The Pambukanis, previously convicted of defrauding Lonrho Zimbabwe and serving eight-year prison terms, have allegedly resumed their illicit operations at Crowhill Farm, posing as rightful landowners and duping desperate buyers. Despite a High Court order and a subsequent Supreme Court confirmation, barring them from selling the disputed property, the couple continues their deceitful practices.

Victims of this scam, frustrated and helpless, have turned to local media to voice their grievances and demand intervention. One such victim, preferring to remain anonymous, lamented, "We are tired of their tricks; we need our money back." 

The controversial property, Chirika Extension of Borrowdale Estate, is legally owned by Crowhill Private Limited and spans 121.4029 hectares. High Court Justice Webster Chinamora's 2021 order, which mandated the eviction of all illegal occupants, remains unheeded as buyers, misled by the Pambukanis, resist eviction.

Crowhill Farm officials have made efforts to rectify the situation by inviting affected individuals to regularize their land status or face eviction. However, the Pambukanis' ongoing activities have left many in financial ruin. A legal occupant of Crowhill Farm recounted their troubled history: "I know the Pambukanis after they were convicted of fraud... After their release, they came to Acorn Farm desperately seeking a stand, and we assisted them."

The resident elaborated on their fraudulent methods, noting Florence's failed attempt to infiltrate the Acorn Farm leadership and subsequent secret formation of the Acorn Township Developing Association for financial gain. "The Pambukanis own a mere stand, a tiny fraction of Cleverhill Estate, far from where they are selling and leasing to unsuspecting individuals. Their rightful stand, number 720, is clearly marked on the map," he added.

Attempts to reach the Pambukanis for comment were unsuccessful as their phones remained unreachable at the time of publication.

This isn't the first instance of the Pambukanis' unscrupulous behavior. They have a history of claiming connections to senior government officials and have previously evicted farmers from their land. Last year, they reportedly hired armed thugs to attack workers at Wakefield Farm in the Selous Area 5, leading to severe injuries and the displacement of 35 families. In 2008, their illegal takeover of Scotsdale Farm culminated in the tragic death of the rightful owner, Kobus Joubert, in 2010.

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