Matabeleland chiefs visit King Lobengula’s relative

Zanu PF legislator for Bulilima, Dingumuzi Phuthi, was also part of the visit.

MATABELELAND chiefs recently visited the daughter of King Lobengula’s last born son who resides in Plumtree to share notes on Ndebele history.

Lobengula, the son of the founder of the Ndebele kingdom, Mzilikazi, was the last Ndebele King.

He passed away in 1894.

Chief Mphini from Thekwane in Plumtree said Chief Mathe, Chief Menyezwa and Chief Gampu were part of the delegation which visited Gogo MaKhumalo.

“The purpose of the visit was to meet and share notes concerning our history,” Mphini said.

“Gogo Makhumalo was the daughter of King Lobengula’s son known as Sidojiwe. Gogo is the mother of my late father whom I took over from and we are the Ndiweni clan.

“According to our culture she was forced to be married to the Ndiweni clan because our elders believed that kingship should only come from the Khumalo lineage.”

Zanu PF legislator for Bulilima, Dingumuzi Phuthi, was also part of the visit.

“We want to revive our culture, our social fabric has been broken down,” Mphini said.

“We do not want politics because politics divides people. Our role is to unite people so that they respect each other.”

Chief Menyezwa said he was happy about the visit.

King Lobengula’s capital was set ablaze in 1893 by advancing armed British colonisers led by Cecil John Rhodes from whose last name the country’s colonial era name, Rhodesia was coined.

The king then settled at a site in the present-day Sauerstown suburb in Bulawayo, the current site of the Bulawayo State House.

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