Gweru cuts water charges

Gweru City Council

GWERU City Council (GCC) has reduced estimated volume of water billed to households with non-functional water meters from 20 000 litres to 15 000 litres, and also 30 000 litres to 25 000 litres in high and low-density suburbs, respectively.

In a statement yesterday, acting town clerk Vakai Chikwekwe said: “The City of Gweru would like to notify its valued residents, clients and stakeholders that the estimated charges have been reduced. High-density rates have been reduced by five kilolitres from 20 kilolitres to 15 kilolitres. The low-density rates have also been reduced by five kilolitres from 30 kilolitres to 25 kilolitres.”

Chikwekwe added: “Kindly note that the residents with non-functional meters will have their bills estimated. However, we encourage all the residents with non-functional meters to buy Kent 15mm water meters and bring the receipts to our finance department for processing of a refund.”

Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association director Cornelia Selipiwe said residents were happy with the move, although they expected a bigger reduction on estimated charges.

“We would have wanted a billing of 5 000 and 10 000 litres per month in high and low-density suburbs, respectively. But we, at least, applaud the move by council to cut estimated charges as this has shown that council is willing to listen to residents.”

There was an outcry last year with residents saying they were being billed for 20 000 litres per month when an average family used at least 5 000 litres per month.

The residents also suggested that council should replace non-functional water meters to avoid estimated bills.

They said it was the responsibility of the local authority to replace faulty water meters, instead of council asking them to purchase the water meters and refund them.

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