Insiza teachers resort to raw dam water


Teachers at Sidzibe Primary School in Insiza ward 5 are drinking raw water from a nearby dam after a borehole at their school broke down ages ago. Those who can afford are buying water from villagers at R20 or R30 per bucket. “For a long time now, we have been drinking dam water which is not safe. The borehole stopped working and was never fixed,” one of the teachers told Southern Eye.Insiza Rural District Council chief executive officer Shepard Tshuma said the borehole that was functioning was far from the school.“However, we are attempting to provide water in that area and council is doing programmes to provide water to the area.”Insiza South Member of Parliament James Sithole (Zanu PF) curtly said:  “I will not talk to you, I only comment on Zimpapers newspapers and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.”Meanwhile, residents have said Tudi 1 Secondary School in Matobo is a perfect example of marginalisation. The school has over 100 pupils who are taught by three teachers.One villager in the area, Themba Dube, who is also Matabeleland South interim provincial deputy secretary of the Citizens Coalition for Change, said teachers abandoned the school due to its dilapidated state.“The fact that this area is marginalised has made teachers give up in performing their duties. Some pull out because the area is deserted and it is too far away from the main road, that’s why the whole school only has three teachers who teach all subjects,” Dube said.“We have not engaged the ministry because it does not take us seriously at all. The problem is it is always promising, but nothing tangible is done. We are marginalised.” Recently-elected Zanu PF ward 2 councillor Fredrick Siwela said: “I confirm that this is what is on the ground right now, the school has three teachers that teach all the subjects.”Primary and Secondary Education ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said they were aware of the staff shortage at the school.“We know that the school is operating with only three teachers,” Ndoro said, but could not be drawn into revealing government plans to solve the matter. Follow us on Twitter 


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