Zanu PF warns vote buying party bigwigs

Mike Bimha

THE ruling Zanu PF has warned party bigwigs across the country and in particular those from Harare against buying votes ahead of the party’s central committee elections, saying culprits would be disqualified.

Addressing a Press conference at the party’s headquarters, Zanu PF secretary for commissariat Mike Bimha said vote-buying was rife, especially in the capital.

“We have received reports of some people vote-buying and I want to warn those doing this that where we have evidence you will be disqualified,” Bimha said.

“We seem to be getting more of that from urban provinces, particularly Harare.”

Bimha also said every position was up for grabs in the elections despite reports that some party bigwigs were upset over the decision.

“Everybody who meets the criteria has every right to participate in the central committee elections. There is no way we are saying these positions cannot be contested. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has stressed that there are no sacred cows,” Bimha said.

“I will be going for elections and so is everybody. For those politburo members not going for elections; it will be down to luck that there will be no opposers. Zanu PF is all about democracy and, therefore, we must practice that democracy.”

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