Why is our brand of politics this toxic?

Zanu PF purport to be promoting national unity when some among its ranks are busy sowing seeds of anarchy in its name

WITH only a few weeks to Zimbabwe’s ninth general elections since the country gained independence in 1980, there are some very disturbing news that villagers are being intimidated left, right and centre to vote for the ruling Zanu PF party.

It is more than worrying that in Chipinge South, Manicaland province, villagers there have been issued with death threats by a shadowy militia claiming to be linked to the Mozambican government if they dare not re-elect President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Chipinge South aspiring Member of Parliament Enock Porusingazi.

And with death threats also reportedly being issued to other villagers across the country, we for the umpteenth time ask the ruling party: Why is it not protesting over these potentially damaging statements being issued in its name? Why is Zanu PF allowing our politics to be made this toxic in its name?

Honestly, how can Zanu PF purport to be promoting national unity when some among its ranks are busy sowing seeds of anarchy in its name?

It is extremely disconcerting that some in the ruling party have gone to the extent of inviting foreign nationals to coerce Zimbabweans to vote for them as evidenced by a video that has since gone viral on social media platforms of some shadowy militia purporting to be from Mozambique.

In the video, one of the militia leaders is seen and head saying: “We came here with a commander-in-chief in Mozambique. There he shoots, our relationship with you can end if you do not vote for Zanu PF, you will not set your foot again in Mozambique. We want you to support President Emmerson Mnangagwa and comrade Enock Porusingazi.”

In all honesty, as we see it, the Mozambican Frelimo-led government cannot be involved in these shenanigans even if it may want to be seen to be supporting its all weather ally Zanu PF.

This unnecessarily strains relations between the two countries, especially those of communities living on either side of the border.

Past events inform us that tension along the two countries’ border is not new and it would be ironic that this tension is being instigated by people in the ruling party, which we thought had very good and cordial relations with the Mozambican government and its people.

The video, which has gone viral, cannot be dismissed as work of fiction, or the creation of Zanu PF’s and the country’s enemies. In fact, if it is the creation of the ruling party’s enemies, then the party should look within itself because therein lies most of its enemies who, at every turn, are given free reign to damage the party’s image through unbridled overzealousness.

The party’s leader is telling us at almost all his rallies that Zanu PF is a democratic party and no one can lecture him or the party about democracy, we are pretty sure what is happening now cannot be the democracy he and his party are always preaching.

This brand of democracy, if at all it can be called that, is definitely alien to this planet and so toxic that we implore the ruling party to dissociate itself from it because it spells disaster for the revolutionary party.

Zimbabwe, according to its supreme law, the Constitution, is democracy and its nationals have the right to freely choose their leaders without being coerced and attempts to preach or promote otherwise should be condemned with the contempt it deserves.

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