NSSA graft probe widens

There have been several reports of impropriety at NSSA, which runs a fund worth over US$1 billion for Zimbabwe’s workers.

BY FREEMAN MAKOPA Multiple state agencies are combing through National Social Security (NSS) documents as they investigate corruption allegations that have been levelled against officials at the pension fund, it has emerged.

There have been several reports of impropriety at NSSA, which runs a fund worth over US$1 billion for Zimbabwe’s workers.

Recently, details emerged that NSSA officials flew to Kenya for a week-long workshop that critics said could have been held locally to save foreign currency.

It was revealed that hefty allowances were paid for the Kenya excursion at a time the country is battling foreign currency shortages.

Pensioners are wallowing in poverty due to low pay outs.

The cost of living has rocketed amid a brutal assault on the domestic currency by inflation.

In an interview with Standardbusiness, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Paul Mavima said state agencies were conducting comprehensive investigations at the parastatal to ensure that criminal activities are unearthed.

“The allegations of malfeasance at NSSA are undergoing comprehensive investigations involving various state agencies,” Mavima said.

“We want to assure the nation that we will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that any criminal activity is unearthed and any culprits are brought to book.

“The nation will be informed of outcomes of the investigations as they get concluded.”

NSSA general manager Arthur Manase was recently sent on leave to pave way for investigations into the state of affairs at the fund.

The rot at NSSA is believed to have reached high levels and Mavima is said to be on a crusade to clean up the rot in order to save public funds.

Mavima also talked about the Tripartite Negotiation Forum (TNF), which he said had meetings of its technical committee in the past month.

The TNF deliberates on pertinent issues affecting the economy, with business, labour and government represented.

He said another meeting would be held, after which recommendations would be made to government.

Zimbabwe has been struggling to find solutions to several problems, including foreign currency shortages and high inflation.

The country has also been battling exchange rate fragilities, triggered by the erosion of the value of the Zimbabwe dollar on the both the black and official markets.

Last month, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe moved to introduce gold coins as part of measures to address the currency crisis.

The black market rage has temporarily cooled off, although many still say more measures were imperative to protect the currency and people’s savings.

“The TNF technical committee meeting held in Mutare from July 20 – 22, 2022 deliberated on pertinent issues currently affecting our economy,” Mavima said.

“These issues include the erosion of salaries, dual currency and multiple exchange rates as well as prices stabilisation.

“The social partners agreed that a main TNF should then be held to discuss the report and make recommendations to cabinet.

“The TNF partners are on the same page in their desire to see the conclusion of a social contract, so that Zimbabwe can move together in unison towards achieving the prosperity that we all want.”

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