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Book review: Chinua Achebe’s minor works

Achebe’s novels tend to overshadow his children’s stories, especially Chike and the River and his book of poems called Beware Soul Brother.
By Memory Chirere Feb. 11, 2024

Book review: Shards

From my very close experience with students of literature in Zimbabwe, the excitement with Marechera is more pronounced in young men than in women.
By Memory Chirere Feb. 25, 2024

Kara’s novel rare story about Indian migrants in Southern Rhodesia

It is a carefully crafted story about sojourning and transitioning. You are stunned that such a mature piece of work is only a debut attempt.
By Memory Chirere Mar. 24, 2024

Book review: Chirere focuses on three books whose characters are boys in distress

Memory Chirere is a Zimbabwean writer. He enjoys reading and writing short stories and some of his stories are published in No More Plastic Balls (1999), A
By Memory Chirere Mar. 31, 2024

Book Review: Memory Chirere reads Tanaka Chidora's Because Sadness is Beautiful?

Tanaka Chidora’s first book of poems in English, Because Sadness is Beautiful? dazzles with that question mark at the end of the title.
By Memory Chirere Apr. 14, 2024

Portrait of Emlanjeni: A review by Memory Chirere

In what many will be able to call an environmental novel, Emlanjeni in Matobo, is integral to the story and it becomes one of the major and very active characters.
By Memory Chirere Apr. 21, 2024

Bookreview: Robert Mukondiwa’s book: Oliver Mtukudzi and me: A Life in Song and Media

You quickly sense that this could be a complicated book; now operating from under the water, now floating on the surface and sometimes having to become the water itself!
By Memory Chirere May. 26, 2024

Comrade Editor: On Life, Journalism and the birth of Namibia by Gwen Lister

Coming out in 2021, it is a multipronged book, chronicling the life of the journalist and activist and her critical views on the struggle against apartheid and colonialism in Namibia.
By Memory Chirere Jun. 2, 2024

Stanley Nyamfukudza and the Zimbabwe of the early 1980's: Memory Chirere's reflections

Aftermaths is a natural sequel to Nyamfukudza’s war-time novel, The Non-Believer’s Journey
By Memory Chirere Jun. 9, 2024