Cynthia Tapera

Cynthia Tapera

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Africa’s no-holds-barred stand at upcoming COP28

Africa solutions for energy transition
By Cynthia Tapera Dec. 1, 2023

Walking the sustainability talk

The sustainability reporting framework came into effect on January 1  2024 and is ushering in a new paradigm for sustainability reporting in Zimbabwe.
By Cynthia Tapera Apr. 12, 2024

Financial sector: More than just banking

By taking a climate risk lens at their portfolios and transactions, the financial sector can identify opportunities for steering capital towards climate investments.
By Cynthia Tapera May. 24, 2024

Inaugural Sustainability Summit: Uniting against climate crisis

Our flagship sustainability summit will be an unrivalled gathering where all four pillars of business, finance government and society will finally convene to drive meaningful change.
By Cynthia Tapera Jun. 28, 2024