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Roselilly Ushewokunze

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Zim’s Seed Act fuelling food insecurity

These have resulted in the reduction of the amount of food produced, leaving millions of Zimbabweans food insecure.
By Roselilly Ushewokunze Jun. 7, 2023

Africa needs sustainable solutions to climate crisis

While the intervention on renewable energy is welcome, there is contention on the financing of this transition.
By Roselilly Ushewokunze Sep. 11, 2023

Funding opportunities for a just energy transition

African countries such as Zimbabwe depend on fossil fuels and need to take a calculated approach to ensure that a just transition is achieved.

COP28: Did Africa miss an opportunity?

One of the greatest outcomes for COP28 was the operationalisation of the loss and damage fund.
By Roselilly Ushewokunze Dec. 19, 2023