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Tea Talk with Carol: Coming home: Opening a new chapter

A dream come true to work and live amongst wildlife and have a view of the Chobe River from my doorstep.
By Carol White Apr. 21, 2023

Don’t take shortcuts in business

Herbert Nkala, Roy Meiring and Sean Gent were all visionaries and ahead of their teams and so we learnt how to implement and follow through on strategy. Solid leaders they were.
By Carol White Apr. 28, 2023

Tea Talk: Is perception really a reality?

In statements from crime scenes and accidents the information is not reliable as being the truth as it is about interpretation.
By Carol White May. 5, 2023

Follow your own path

She was a free spirit and her parents thought that I was very sensible and would be a good influence. My parents did not have the means for tertiary education.
By Carol White May. 12, 2023

Tea Talk : Mother’s Day: Reflections on a mother’s experience

After that,his grandmother, Ambuya Dorcas, took care of him in Mutoko.
By Carol White May. 19, 2023

Define yourself: Choices are personal

He said that the orthopedic surgeon was not being honest with me. I still cannot fathom how he could have said that to me at night.
By Carol White May. 26, 2023

Tea Talk: Bounce back from defeat

Men tend to lose themselves in outside pursuits and become silent and disillusioned.
By Carol White Jun. 2, 2023

Tea Talk: The elevator pitch is alive

The art of conversation is disappearing and entrepreneurs, businesspeople and youngsters entering the job market should develop this skill and take it seriously.
By Carol White Jun. 9, 2023

Tea Talk: Where has the service gone?

The absence of a head waiter, manager, or supervisor “walking the floor”, is evident. Whatever happened to seating patrons at restaurants that are not cafes or coffee shops.
By Carol White Jun. 16, 2023

Tea Talk: What about the boy child?

Churches play a role in supporting children and families as does the social services, but do we see material and information aimed at both genders?
By Carol White Jun. 23, 2023

In life everyone is a salesperson

Most importantly, how we sell ourselves is what drives decisions and acceptance.   Applications, interviews and conversations are how we are evaluated. 
By Carol White Jun. 30, 2023

In search of excellence

Sarah Lilfield has created an enchanting, colourful masterpiece in every way.
By Carol White Jul. 7, 2023

Tea Talk: Beyond hampers for employee welfare

Employee engagement is about the little things when it comes to material gestures.
By Carol White Jul. 14, 2023

Tea Talk: Networking vs social media marketing

After so many decades in the corporate world, I am programmed to review the first six months of 2023 versus my plan and intentions. As well as map the rest of the year.
By Carol White Jul. 21, 2023

Tea Talk: Don’t explain and don’t complain

Complaining demonstrates a victim mindset.
By Carol White Jul. 28, 2023

Tea Talk with Carol: Show up, no excuses!

As a teenager my life was dancing and at a competitive level.
By Carol White Aug. 11, 2023