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Zim poet gets global nomination

The 22-year-old is a multi-talented artist who wears many jackets, among them poet, actress, model and video vixen.
By Kimberly Kariati Mar. 16, 2023

Madawaenda's book tackles gender equality

Launched early this month, the book written in a play format, tackles gender issues such as female empowerment, toxic masculinity, culture and religion.
By Kimberly Kariati Mar. 24, 2023

DJ Madeherbelieve’s Untamed uplifts budding artistes

His desire is to grow his fan base across the borders. The 25-year-old wheel spinner has played at 50 over events since he launched his career in 2018.
By Kimberly Kariati Apr. 1, 2023

Nhananga on ecological renewal mission through wildlife artwork

Nhananga said he closely worked with wildlife experts and enterprises to help him convey accurate messages in his artworks.
By Kimberly Kariati Apr. 13, 2023

Comedy gives me a chance to share the joys of this world: Ckanyiso DatGuy

I love seeing people happy. So, comedy gives me a chance to share the joys of this world.
By Kimberly Kariati Apr. 15, 2023

Mugwagwa’s new fashion line touts identity, culture

For her, fashion is a language that speaks of unity and identity
By Kimberly Kariati May. 6, 2023

Comedy a crucial therapy in today’s society: Kadem the Comic

The comedian said he drew inspiration from rising comedians, adding that owning a comedy school and promoting Zimbabwe through the arts were some of his greatest passions.
By Kimberly Kariati Jun. 26, 2023

Rice tackles mental health issues through writing

Rice told NewsDay Life & Style that his work digs into themes that include, but are not limited to, sadness, love and grief.
By Kimberly Kariati Jul. 11, 2023