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Zim govt moves to throttle independent civil society

These two issues clearly express the intentions of the government. The first is to monitor, cease and even seize funds received by NGOs in the country.
By Thandekile Moyo Jan. 25, 2023

Violence of predator State prevents Zimbabweans from living in peace

. This "peaceful nation" propaganda is also marketed to tourists globally to the point that when we are asked what we like about our country, we tell them “it is beautiful and quiet”.
By Thandekile Moyo Jun. 30, 2023

Once we were liberators, now we are subjugators — Zanu PF and its history of violence

Zanu PF, the party that has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980, has been notorious for personal violence since its creation in 1963.
By Thandekile Moyo Jul. 4, 2023