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Beyond legal electoral reforms: Attitudes, practices and culture

ELECTIONS work. They have worked elsewhere and continue to work in many parts of the world.
By Musa Kika Dec. 2, 2022

Election result announcement rules need to be interrogated

The argument that having other voices other than Zec pronounce on preliminary results may cause unrest or misinformation is presumptuous.
By Musa Kika May. 26, 2023

8 mistakes in the 2013 Constitution

Thus, we will find no equivalence elsewhere. We have 16 official languages (section 6(1)); this has no match. We have devolution of power and responsibilities (Chapter 14).
By Musa Kika May. 27, 2023

Questions loom large over whether Zim elections will be free, fair

First and foremost, elections should be governed transparently at all stages.
By Musa Kika Aug. 17, 2023

2023 ‘election’ winners and losers must all be ashamed, but there is a silver lining

Many had predicted a bad election; the signs were all over. But none really predicted the extent of the masquerade.
By Musa Kika Aug. 31, 2023

Dialogue an antidote to the cycle of ineffectual elections

For now, it becomes important to limit the damage that can be done by maintaining a status quo that does not work through seeking nothing but total change.
By Musa Kika Sep. 1, 2023

We must fix this dishonourable and low-level politics

That SMEs are moving backwards into the informal sector is no secret, why is there an incentive for them to deformalise? Answering this, sets us on a path towards inclusive growth.
By Musa Kika Oct. 26, 2023