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Govts urged to nip climate injustice in the bud

Africa contributes less to the root causes of climate change with less than 4% of the world’s carbon emissions.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Oct. 9, 2022

How the poor in Africa pay the price for global emissions

AS temperatures rise and extreme weather events occur with greater frequency and intensity, the cost of climate change is growing
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Nov. 11, 2022

Bulawayo girl footballers kick back against teen pregnancy

At first, the coach refused to play her. But one day, during a friendly match, the team ran out of substitutes.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe and Tafadzwa Ufumeli Nov. 20, 2022

Innovative farming transforms refugees’ lives

Refugees often have no access to land to engage in farming and yet farming could be a source of food and extra income.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Nov. 22, 2022

Telecoms giants walk tight rope amid power crisis

Both South Africa and Zambia have been suffering daily hours-long electricity outages. 
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Feb. 3, 2023

News in depth: ‘We are drinking mercury’: Illegal gold mining exposes residents to poisoning

Cyanide is poisonous and can cause fatal damage to the brain and heart, according to the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Mar. 19, 2023

In Zimbabwe, golf is giving cyclone Idai survivors hope

Makanidzani remembers the night Cyclone Idai visited his village.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Apr. 16, 2023

Feature: How COVID-19 derailed Zim’s HPV vaccination programme

Zimbabwe rolled out the HPV vaccination programme targeting girls aged 10 to 14 years reaching more than 800 000 girls.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Aug. 15, 2023

Feature: Zim nurses stuck between rock and hard surface

More than 4 330 nurses trained in Zimbabwe are registered with UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).
By Farai Shawn Matiashe and Emma Batha Nov. 9, 2023

Why is it significant to consider gender in climate change stories?

It would be a travesty of judgment for journalists to tell the story of climate change without looking at it from a gender lens.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 2, 2023

UN climate summit adopts new loss, damage fund

Communities in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique are yet to recover from the deadly Cyclone Idai which made landfall in March 2019 and Cyclone Freddy in March this year.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 6, 2023

Activists turn to art to raise climate change awareness

While negotiators are held up in meetings at the United Nations climate summit, activists are entertaining crowds, educating them simultaneously.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 8, 2023

Experts call for revision of carbon credits

Carbon trading is when polluting companies buy carbon credits from communities with vast forests as compensation for greenhouse gas emissions.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 8, 2023

Africa bemoans slow progress on adaptation funding

Figures from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change show that $133.6 million has been announced so far toward the adaptation fund.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 9, 2023

Calls to increase funding for sexual and reproductive health in Africa

McMullen said the climate space is dominated by issues on the intersection of climate change and health like how rising temperatures and floods are causing diseases.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 9, 2023

African climate change activists pile pressure to end fossil fuels

Muli accuses COP28 of failing to address the needs of communities impacted by climate change effects of fossil fuels in Africa.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 12, 2023

Animal rights experts search for climate solutions at COP28

Most of the natural water sources have dried up.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 12, 2023

African countries stand firm on fossil fuels

Nzovu said it must be understood that Africa would need to exploit its natural resources and renewable energy endowments to achieve universal access to energy.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 12, 2023

Africans demand more loss, damage funds

In 2009, a climate financing commitment to mobilise $100 billion per year by 2020 for developing countries was set by developed countries.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 9, 2023

Experts call for a human-centered approach to climate change, health

Zimbabwe has been struggling to contain a cholera outbreak, since February, which has infected 3800 people nationwide while claiming the lives of more than 170 people.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Dec. 12, 2023

Zimbabwe’s surging internet costs wreak havoc on small businesses

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, the country's main mobile operator, increased data prices by 100% in October 2023, with 1 gigabyte (GB) of data averaging $3.54 (R66).
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Jan. 10, 2024

Poultry and livestock production help communities build climate resilience

In the 2023/2024 agricultural season, rains came later than in previous years, with livestock in the Matabeleland region dying from dehydration and hunger.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Feb. 11, 2024

Women deminers sweep away fear and stereotypes

The NPA has been clearing landmines in Zimbabwe for the past decade.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Mar. 10, 2024

Beekeeping boon for Chimanimani farmers

The 26-year-old puffs some smoke, a safety measure, as he holds and inspects a honeycomb built from hexagons by the honey bees.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Mar. 17, 2024

Lawmakers urged to remove policy barriers stifling renewable investment

He said modernising and expanding the infrastructure is one of these barriers and a pressing priority for the coming years.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Apr. 17, 2024

Private sector calls on governments to fund renewable energy projects

This year marks exactly 6 years until 2030 but only less than half of the targeted amount of gigawatts of renewable energy has been installed around the world.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Apr. 17, 2024

African countries bank on renewable energy to create employment

Statistics shows that Africa has the youngest population in the world, with 70% of sub-Saharan Africa under the age of 30.
By Farai Shawn Matiashe Apr. 18, 2024