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When love of money goes beyond bounds of sanctity

I was bold enough to ask Baba VaTata.
By Onie Ndoro Sep. 18, 2022

The devil in the detail

I wish my neighbour Svinurai could see this and stop bashing his wife.
By Onie Ndoro Oct. 2, 2022

The world is now a weird place

Herdboy Murders Wife of His Boss After He Caught Her Cheating Him!”
By Onie Ndoro Oct. 9, 2022

The pain, humiliation that comes with being penniless is unbearable

That was mistake number one.  Mistake number two was to linger with them for longer than was necessary.
By Onie Ndoro Oct. 16, 2022

The day Tsano Fatso ran amok

Mind you, this was not the only t- shirt with this kind of cheeky message.
By Onie Ndoro Oct. 23, 2022

It’s only folly that we do not draw lessons from history

“You must have a passport if I must take you with me,” he had said on his last trip.
By Onie Ndoro Oct. 29, 2022

Gone are the days and times have changed

Time for tilling the land had arrived. The trick was  to plant with the early rains in case the season would be short.
By Onie Ndoro Nov. 6, 2022

Ghetto: Where spirit of ubuntu stands out

A huge crowd had gathered to watch.  For one reason or another, many of us who liked to watch the premier league matches we always went to the shops for that.
By Onie Ndoro Nov. 13, 2022

Electricity dilemma

During half-time Putin just blubbered: “How is it someone can live in the ceiling for ten good years?”
By Onie Ndoro Dec. 11, 2022

Unannounced visitors for Christmas

Over the last few days I noticed that Mai Maidei was not her usual self. It was like something was troubling her.
By Onie Ndoro Dec. 25, 2022

Zebra ‘kiss’: Some names are better left alone

Some names are better left alone. For a bus operator, the Zebra “kiss” was stretching it too far.
By Onie Ndoro Jan. 29, 2023

Ghetto Dances: The day Fatso stole my business idea

The moment I tendered my resignation I felt some relief.
By Onie Ndoro Feb. 5, 2023

Ghetto Dances: The fate of the Turkey, Syria earthquake

She sold vegetables at her market which greatly supplemented our income. 
By Onie Ndoro Feb. 12, 2023

Valentine’s Day: Men are yet to appreciate its significance

Like many typical African men, I had completely forgotten about the day.
By Onie Ndoro Feb. 19, 2023

Ill-gotten money gets you nowhere!

While Fatso was doing his thing on the dance floor and holding a quart of beer in one hand above his head, I could not help, but look at Danny our benefactor.
By Onie Ndoro Feb. 26, 2023

Ghetto Dances: More of a hand-to-mouth existence

The weekend before, Manchester United had been humiliated by Liverpool. Seven goals to nothing was a heavy defeat.
By Onie Ndoro Mar. 12, 2023

Money comes and goes, but your manhood stays with you

The big lesson was to be a man of integrity all the time. Money comes and goes, but family will always be there, through thick and thin.
By Onie Ndoro Mar. 19, 2023

The struggle in the ghetto is real

Someone whom I did not know was trying to represent our ward as our next councillor.
By Onie Ndoro Mar. 25, 2023

Ghetto Dances: The postman who could not ride a bicycle

I had never ridden a bicycle before all my life.  I had a great fear of losing my newly found job over this technicality.
By Onie Ndoro Apr. 9, 2023

Ghetto Dances: ‘It’s my turn to eat too’ mantra takes nation by storm

Every five years, election after election, their ears heard sweet music of promises. Education was free at first, there was clean drinking water and roads were tarred. 
By Onie Ndoro Apr. 16, 2023

Where had I made the wrong turn?

He sold home-made floor polish. His voice was always pitched high shouting, “Cobra!
By Onie Ndoro Apr. 23, 2023

The ghetto has no secrets

He reminded me of a cow chewing cud, the jaws always  grinding up and down.
By Onie Ndoro May. 7, 2023

Ghetto Dances: But was this the life I wanted?

The street hawkers in Hwata Street were  trying to outdo each other as usual.
By Onie Ndoro May. 14, 2023

Ghetto dances: A tiny spark could trigger madness

In an effort to escape from the municipal police, fruit and vegetables fell to the ground as the street hawkers ran away in all directions.
By Onie Ndoro May. 21, 2023

Money talks with enough of it moving mountains

Handitika was a “malayitsha” who smuggled both goods and people across the border.
By Onie Ndoro May. 28, 2023

Ghetto dances: Of dry boreholes and dry politicking

“You vote for me, you vote for progress! You vote for me, you vote for better schools and clinics! You vote for me you vote for real development!
By Onie Ndoro Jun. 4, 2023

Ghetto dances: The ghetto is a battleground for survival

I trudged wearily home from work. The weight of the day’s stress bore heavily on my shoulders.
By Onie Ndoro Jun. 11, 2023

Ghetto Dances: When Cde Mobiliser dropped the bombshell

The War Vetarans corner was of particular great interest.
By Onie Ndoro Jun. 18, 2023

Fate was not on my side

A haulage truck had broken down just ahead of us. To make matters worse the robot was not working.
By Onie Ndoro Jul. 2, 2023

Ghetto dances: I made the most of it like there was no tomorrow

There was nothing he could not do if the price was good enough. Handitika was also a good friend of Baba VaTata.
By Onie Ndoro Jul. 9, 2023