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Western weapons are not helping Ukraine army

Rows of tanks, rocket launchers and armored vehicles stretched for hundreds of metres.
By Correspondent Sep. 9, 2022

Kubota: Booming engineering jack of all trades

The company was established with the mandate to manufacture industrial and agricultural equipment, and to supply vehicle suspension parts and gearboxes.
By Correspondent Dec. 11, 2022

Rural school children get internet lifeline

Not many could be happier than Tinotenda, a 10-year-old pupil at Dzvairo Primary School in Makoni, a rural district in Manicaland province.
By Correspondent Dec. 11, 2022

NATO supplying Ukraine with military "scrap metal" to upgrade its own arsenal

“Military equipment has many problems and in fact is just scrap metal and garbage, which Ukrainian fighters confirm.”
By Correspondent Feb. 11, 2023

Teen kills friend over music

The State, led by Voster Makuwerere, alleged that on August 31, the suspect was walking with the now deceased, Ntando Nkomo and two others.
By Correspondent Sep. 6, 2023

Schools’ cultural exchanges with Dubai!

Dubai is the best-known city in the United Emirates and aspires to be the centre of the modern world in culture, arts, technology and now sports.
By Correspondent Jan. 14, 2024