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Handling scenarios not covered by IFRS

This important piece of legislation also allows the local regulator to step in when there are areas within international standards that require a domestic flair.
By Owen Mavengere Sep. 9, 2022

Treasury management during hyperinflation

Firstly, to remind each other that treasury management incorporates the handling of all financial matters. The two major elements of this function include:
By Owen Mavengere May. 12, 2023

Treasury management, again!

Nonetheless, we find ourselves here and the answer to the above questions will help in making decisions in the current moment:
By Owen Mavengere Aug. 4, 2023

Breaking down IPSAS standards

IPSAS enhances the transparency of financial reporting, making it easier for stakeholders to understand the financial position & performance of public sector entities.
By Owen Mavengere Oct. 20, 2023