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In business, image matters

ALL successful businesses, big or small, need to find a way to get customers and prospects thinking about them everyday.

ALL successful businesses, big or small, need to find a way to get customers and prospects thinking about them everyday.

Guest Column by Nonto Masuku

Someone had mentioned to me that selected EcoCash outlets offer to recharge customer mobile phones for no fee.

This past week I decided to find an outlet and try out the service. When I arrived, lo and behold, there was this big box called a multi-charging system, used to recharge mobile phones.

The process of recharging one’s mobile phone at the outlet is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is give the attendant your phone, he/she looks for an appropriate charger (as they have several types of chargers for different phones) and you are good to go.

Apparently within five minutes your phone is fully charged. Unfortunately, when I tried to get my phone charged the system was not working, so it did not work for me.

However, the whole concept caught my attention. Who has not had the experience of a mobile phone battery dying bang in the middle of the day, just when one needed it the most? Someone at EcoCash sure did their homework.

The key to being successful in business is the ability to be relevant and staying top of mind with prospects, customers and advocates.

Offering your customers a basic service like recharging a phone battery may seem insignificant, but in actual fact, it is not. Not only is EcoCash offering a service that distinguishes it from its competitors, it is also ensuring that it remains top of mind with its customers.

In addition to thinking about EcoCash when you want money transferred to your relatives and friends, EcoCash also comes to mind when you want your phone charged in the middle of town. That’s claiming mindshare for sure.

One does not necessarily have to break the bank to claim mindshare. It is the small things that can make a big difference. That vendor who always gives you that banana when you buy from them is ensuring that you remember them the next time you want fruit and vegetables.

The fuel attendant who offers to clean your windscreen and checks your water and oil, is also ensuring that the next time you think of refuelling your car, you think of his garage.

The folks at Dickies Restaurant offer customers complimentary ice-cream after their meals. They too are ensuring that they remain top of mind with their customers. Corporate image is all about perceptions and experiences. As a business, learn to create positive experiences that leave a lasting impression on your stakeholders.