Budding hip-hop musician Prince Peter Moyo says pressure and a hectic lifestyle have driven him into depression.

Prince, who is not related to Kwekwe-based Sungura ace Peter Moyo, said tight deadlines, high expectations and criticism were taking their toll on him.

The Bulawayo-born artiste told NewsDay Life & Style that as an up-and-coming musician, he felt his friends and family did not give him the support he deserved.

“The pressure and hectic lifestyle led to depressive symptoms, as tight deadlines coupled with high expectations and fierce criticism were common in my career,” Prince said.

“Friends and family do not understand that music requires patience, as they expect me to be regretful that I am not yet famous. They think that making it to the billboard charts is the only measure of success in this cut-throat sector.”

The musician, who draws inspiration from American rappers like Toosie, Rick Ross and Rod Wave, among others, is looking to having collaborations with local musicians.

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Among those he is eyeing for collaborations are Natasha Muz, Holy Ten and Noble Stylz.

“I create music based on circumstances around me,” he said.

“I also listen to other people’s music, which inspires me to come up with better music that can compete with other good artistes’ music.”

Prince urged fellow up-and-coming musicians to be brave and make sacrifices if they want to make it in the industry.

An automobile electrician by profession, the 27-year-old musician released a track titled No Pressure, which addresses rumours affecting his musical career.

Prince said his grandmother’s advice that he should focus on mastery rather than multi-tasking helped him in his career and he now releases his emotions through music.

He hopes his forthcoming single Pakuda Jesu will be well received by music lovers.