AUTHOR Tinotenda Tawha’s book titled ABC’s Activity Book Level One, uses the alphabet to instil biblical principles in children, exposing them to scriptures while cultivating deep faith in the young ones.

Tawha said the book had a double impact of giving children a concrete foundation of learning language while helping them to grow with a strong footing in Christ by learning the alphabet through bible scriptures.

“The book was God-inspired and seeks to expose children to the alphabet, which is the foundation of language and helps children to grow through development. The alphabet is a fitting vehicle to ensure that children grow up with a strong foundation in Christ while also learning to recognise letters and sounds to form words,” Tawha said.

The author, who is also the founder of a Christian-based community organisation Spoken Unto Me, said her organisation believed in the significance of bringing up children with a foundation in Christ.

“At Spoken Unto Me we believe that it is important for children to grow up with a strong foundation in Christ. Through this book, children will not only learn the alphabet, but they will be introduced and taught different bible principles which will help them in their daily lives to live a life guided and centred in Christ,” she said.

The author also noted that the book provided children with the pleasure of colouring, enabling them to be creative by colouring illustrations, including insects, human beings and animals, among others.

The author added: “ABCs are the foundation on which children learn a language and they internalise it even as they get older. The book helps children to have an understanding of biblical principles as this helps them to grow in their faith.”

The book also consists of prayers and bible verses with letters of the alphabet matched with an appropriate scripture reading.

Tawha said while the world faced trials and tribulations, the book was pivotal in helping readers to understand their true identity in God, adding that it was significant for children and everybody to understand that they were defined by God and not by the world.