GOSPEL music sensation Janet Manyowa transformed the ART Farm in Harare into a spiritual oasis as she drew a huge crowd to her highly-anticipated 4th edition of the Worship Moments concert on Saturday.

The Safari-themed worship experience brought together the beauty of nature and power of praise as gospel enthusiasts gathered under the open skies to bask in the soul-stirring music.

The gospel diva said this was her first time doing an outdoor and recording event.

Speaking to NewsDayLife & Style, Manyowa said: “We always try to push the envelope to do something different and I believe God is all powerful and creative so all creativity comes from him so we were able to tap into that and explore new settings.

“The initial theme for this edition was ‘Open Heavens’ so we thought why not have it in an open sky and when we got this venue in the woods we thought why not wear safari instead of glam. It was precept upon precept.”

Manyowa brought energy to the stage and the crowd took to their dancing shoes to her songs Bayethe, Nyasha neNgoni, Vaudze, Makakodzere and her new song Dancing in the light, among others. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the atmosphere went from being energetic and electric to serene and soulful as South African gospel icon Ntokozo Mbambo took to the stage.

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Mbambo captivated the audience with her slow jam style, singing Makabongwe, Worthy is the lamb and Because he loved me so, among others. Attendees said they got exactly what they came for, following the enthralling performances by both songbirds,

“The show had an absolute vibe, we got slain in the spirit when Ntokozo Mbambo came and Janet did what she does best, she made us dance and praise the Lord in all his glory. It was balanced and a complete and utter worship moment for me,” said one attendee, Trish Mudhokwani.

“Janet’s show was amazing and she is my favourite artiste and I enjoyed it so much since I almost know all of her songs,” said gospel fan Blessing Kwindima.

“The Worship Moment was ecstatic and I enjoyed it as both ladies brought in their A-game, I was sure this would have become an all-night,” said Rukundo Breakfast, yet another fan.

Another gospel enthusiast, Angeline Madyara added: “Worship Moments was everything I wanted it to be and beyond, the set-up itself was just perfect. It was intimate but also did not leave out that concert feeling that one has.”