THE 2024 Castle Tankard event held on Saturday at Borrowdale Race Course in Harare proved to be a spectacular affair, living up to its reputation as Africa's longest-running horse racing event.

Held annually by Delta Beverages through its Castle Lager brand, the festivities culminated in a music extravaganza that had attendees enthralled.

Following the exhilarating horse races, the celebration continued with a concert headlined by sungura maestro Alick Macheso and dancehall chanter Freeman, treating revellers to an unforgettable musical experience.

Notably, the event was impeccably managed, with seamless timing ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

Attendees enjoyed a diverse array of culinary delights from food stalls, complemented by an abundance of beverages from Delta Beverages.

The entertainment lineup also included Master H, as well as hip-hop maestro Bling 4 with the Chillspot Family also delivering an electrifying performance, captivating the packed venue with their spirited showmanship.

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The hosts, Dj Lroy and Nikki in the Stars as always were on point, with Dj Lroy “Madzibaba veMafaro” surprising the audience by appearing in traditional apostolic regalia, to much amusement and applause.

Bling 4 showcased his rising stardom, although there is room for improvement in his live performances to enhance his stage vibrancy.

Man of the moment and rising star Master H commanded the stage with his infectious energy, delivering hit after hit to the delight of fans.

Freeman HKD demonstrated his prowess as a performer, seamlessly engaging with his backing vocalists and captivating the audience from start to finish.

His collaboration with  Macheso on the hit song Ngaibake was a highlight, showcasing the synergy between two generations of music icons.

This collaboration underscored the harmony that can exist in the often competitive music industry.

A lot of artistes, who have had collaborations, barely take to the stage together even when both are performing at the same event.

Macheso and his Orchestra Mberikwazvo delivered a masterful performance bringing a beautiful reminder of how he drew inspiration from horses racing at Borrowdale Racecourse to create a captivating dance routine that has become a global signature.

Their seamless act, coupled with Macheso's signature dance moves, stage antics and dramatisation left the audience spellbound and chanting praises for the living legend.

The audience interjected Macheso’s performance with the chant “siyanai naye Macheso” meaning let Macheso be, he is a living legend.

Macheso brought the curtains down on this year's Castle Tankard with a performance that will be remembered for years to come.

The organisers Delta Beverages should consider including female musicians in future editions to promote gender inclusivity.