BUDDING jazz musician Tawananyasha Chirombedze, whose stage name is “Sparko Gucci — Lion of Zaka”, says artistic growth and creativity have revolutionalised his music which had mainly revolved around natural disasters such as drought and pandemics like COVID-19.

He has since grown in his music to reflect on his personal life and surroundings.

The 19-year-old musician, who has relocated from Zaka, Masvingo province to Budiriro, in Harare, told Newsday Life & Style that his musical journey dates back to 2018, but his song writing skills were not good enough back then because he could only get ideas for songs from events affecting humanity on a larger scale.

“I used to sing about natural disasters and pandemics. I have realised my music has evolved which has allowed me to be creative while reflecting on my life and surroundings. Growing up listening to music of the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi and Prince Musarurwa became my musical influences,” Chirombedze said.

The budding musician said he was privileged to have a father who had a background and passion in the arts industry, specifically entertainment.

“Having my father’s backup, who has a background in the entertainment industry, worked in my favour. He once worked for the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation around 2011, while managing musicians and organising shows for the likes of Charles Charamba and Blessing Shumba. This helped me to get the support of my father.” he added.

The musician is set to launch his debut seven-track album titled Godo Ramuinaro at Harare Sports Club on June 15. The album consists of Godo Ramuinaro, the title track, Mwana Haasi Wangu, Zvichaita Riini, Chiedza, Jenaguru, Mudiwa Ever and Makorokoto.

The musician said the album portrayed how people easily overlook others’ good deeds once they make mistakes.