SOUND engineer Mbaki Nleya believes that the country’s broadcasting sector can do better through exposure to multi-media technology which is necessary for the advancement of quality and service delivery.

Nleya, who started the country’s first multimedia exhibition in 2017 with very few attendees, told NewsDay Life & Style that the number of people attending has increased over the years, attracting exhibitors from countries such as Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

“I got inspiration to start multi-media exhibitions because the country needs to broadcast even better. I noticed that there are a lot of opportunities in the country, for example there was no college that trained professional audio in the country and I found an academy called Audio Academy and there were no exhibitions for multimedia then I started one,” he said.

Nleya mentioned that it is not advisable to enter an oversubscribed sector, but one should start something new and make a difference to help to develop the country.

The sound engineer will hold the third edition of the multi-media exhibition on June 26 and 27 dubbed Audio & Visual Expo under the theme Innovate to Elevate: Enhancing Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Nelson Mandela Hall, Harare Showgrounds. The expo will accommodate exhibitors from various industries including sound PA systems technology, broadcasting (radio and television), cameras, drone technology, lighting technology and multi-media technology, among others.

Nleya said feedback from the previous editions of the event was encouraging.

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The expo provides a platform to grow the local showbiz scene and also helps many industry stakeholders to find and discover business opportunities through exposure, workshops and interactions with exhibitors.

The event is open to anyone who works or has interest in the entertainment technology industry. However, children under the age of 16 will not be allowed to enter unless accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult for educational purposes.