THE Queens Sports Club Board of Management says the city’s premier cricket ground has not been ruined following last week’s sold out Bulawayo Shut Down gig where popular chanter Winky D was the main act.

The annual Bulawayo Shutdown gig is held at Queens Sports Club on the closing day of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

Social media reports claimed the field had been destroyed by thousands of fans who thronged the stadium, making it almost impossible for cricket to be played at the ground.

Club vice president Sindiso Mazibisa, however, sought to allay the fears in a statement.

“The mandate and scope of the Clubs operation like most Clubs is that we are a social club and hosting concerts and music shows or family events is within our lessor/lessee and partnership with Zimbabwe Cricket which lessees the grounds, which for the record are not exclusively for hosting Cricket matches," Mazibisa said.

"The notarial lease agreement is a public document registered with the Registrar of Deeds in Bulawayo and the contents and addendums are self-explanatory."

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He explained that pre and post show meetings were held to deal with the issues of repairs where a security deposit to cover all the damages at the facility was paid.

“The grounds are being rehabilitated, as has been the case over the years when shows are held," he said.

"The Bulawayo Shutdown is not the first and will not be last show to be hosted at the Queens Sports Club and such articles are not good for the Arts and Business sectors as the Club is central and has the kind of environment needed for such shows."

One of the organisers of the gig, Jordan Dube, said they witnessed the biggest turnout in years.

 “I am not able to reveal the exact number of people who attended the show but all I can say is that event was the most successful event to be held by Harris Lodges and Harris Entertainment in terms of numbers,” he said.

He claimed that the Bulawayo Shutdown solidified its place as one of the most attended musical shows in the city’s history.

South African superstars Kwesta, Murumba Pitch and Emtee, alongside local favourites Winky D, Enzo Ishall, Mzoe 7, and Killer T, also shared the stage with Winky D.