IN response to requests from his fans, multi-award-winning gospel singer Everton Mlalazi has released Fill Our Hearts, a captivating worship song featuring celebrated songstress, Janet Manyowa.

The song, which was released on Wednesday, has an accompanying video that was produced by FilminZim in partnership with Reliable Hub of Innovation Media House under the supervision of Mlalazi’s wife-cum-manager Gamuchirai.

The song is a showcase of powerful vocals and rich lyrical prowess by Mlalazi and Manyowa while the visuals and cinematography depict great artistry.

The video also features actor Farai Chigudu and comedian Dereck Nziyakwi.

“Towards the end of March, we made a poll as to which female Zimbabwean gospel artiste fans thought I should collaborate with and Janet was the favourite among many. I approached her, she agreed and the whole of April we worked on the song writing, recording and video filming until the release on May 1,” Mlalazi told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday.

“The song was produced by Nigel Nyangombe and for the production of the song’s video, we approached FilminZim which gave us Malaika Mushandu (former Miss Zimbabwe) as the video director and Joe Njagu (veteran filmmaker) as the cinematographer to come up with a video. The production team roped in all the fantastic actors to be part of the cast.”

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Speaking on the inspiration behind composing the song, Mlalazi, who frontlines the Worship Therapy band, said: “We need the presence of the Lord right now more than ever. We need Him to fill our hearts and minds and change us to better people.”

“It is the message of our time when what we need the most is hope and trust in the Lord, that when we open our hearts, He is ready to fill us. Psalms 81:10 says I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.”

The Ndokutewera Muponesi hitmaker reckons it has been an amazing experience working with fellow multi-award winner Manyowa.

“Janet does not just have musical ability, but depth in her knowledge of the scriptures. Everything was flawless and we were all excited to be working on this song together,” Mlalazi said.

A member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Mlalazi said the key to a fulfilled heart lies in embracing the spiritual teachings of Christianity.

“According to scripture, Ephesians 5:18, our ultimate purpose is to find joy in God’s presence and live to His glory, but this can only be achieved through the Holy Spirit,” he noted.

“What an honour to have collaborated with my brother Everton Mlalazi for this beautiful track. Our prayer is that He may fill our hearts,” Manyowa said.

Commenting on the video on YouTube, @craigtsepontuliki00 said: “Behold the celestial union of two celestial voices, a sacred duet that transports the listener to the ethereal realm where the soul is lulled by the heavenly choruses of Everton Mlalazi and Janet Manyowa. Gaze upon the pristine beauty of this visual ode, a divine dance of sound and sight, captured in a paradise-like setting that mirrors the eternal glory of the Almighty.”

 “Fill our Hearts is enveloped in a symphonic masterpiece, their angelic harmonies weave a tapestry of hope and inspiration, resounding with the powerful message that a fulfilled heart is found in the embrace of divine teachings.”

The video had garnered 29 000 views on YouTube by yesterday.