TINASHE Maoneni, the leader and vocalist of the Afro-fusion band Flying Bantu, has confidence the ensemble will attain its goal of being the most sought-after entertainers.

The band has Amkela Moyo (guitar), Bongani Moyo (bass), Joshua Alufasi (keys) and Sam Gulubane (drums).

Maoneni describes himself as a dreamer and creative with a deep desire and love for food, art, people, nature and old cars who transfers this understanding of creative work into music and dance.

“Flying Bantu is a band from Victoria Falls. Born of the Zambezi and its magical pool of people and cultures. Our music enculturates various genres from rock, reggae, funk, jazz giving an alternative and unique African expression,”Maoneni told NewsDay Life & Style.

He said the band’s forthcoming album was purposefully hewed to harness the African region and global appeal and increase the number of followers to their shows. Flying Bantu’s second 10-track album is titled FejaFeja, street lingo for an unconventional form of illicit gambling characterised by conjuring and optical illusion.

New approach to the arts which encompasses music, film and performances

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I am not sure we can call it new more than it is different. The whole idea is to just remain as true to ourselves as possible and not fall too much into the industry norms and dictates. Otherwise we all end up sounding and looking the same.

We believe everyone has a unique voice and that there are many different palates out there for different expressions. If we stick to it, explore and carve out our own sound and texture, then maybe someone will relate.

Activities lined up in support of music after the Sauti zaBusara Festival

After Sauti we already had a tour of South Africa and have a couple of festivals lined up in Zimbabwe and Botswana. But our main thrust this year is to finalise the release of our album FejaFeja. 

FejaFeja has tracks like Dzora Moyo, Mwana Wenyu, Chizukuru, FejaFeja, These days, Lala, Watching Angels, Forever Together and No Money No Honey.

The album has a broad theme and reflects on the hardships that people endured as a result of the COVID-19-induced difficulties which prompted a new undesirable normalcy of a hand-to-mouth living that has been adopted by many people. The album seeks to restore the spirit of hard work through developing honest transactional ways of doing profitable business.


The biggest one is remaining steadfast and pushing our dream. It is tough out here Tendai. In a country without much of a music industry to speak of; we have toured internationally, we have performed at major festivals and music events alongside esteemed and powerful African musicians. We have put out an album and now are releasing a second one which we are really proud of.

Comment on the African music scene

I do not know where to start but it holds massive potential. What the Nigerians and South Africans are doing with Afro-beats and amapiano is just the tip of the iceberg. It is paving way and giving confidence to the African musician while opening the eyes and ears of the world to the immense talent we have here. We just need to believe more in ourselves and our right to be seen and heard. African music is a force to reckon with and can lead from the front.

Closing remarks 

Thank you to everyone who has supported our dream. Without an ear to land on there can be no music. Please be on the lookout for our upcoming album this year so when you get a chance; hop on to our social media platforms and stay connected.