AWARD-WINNING American contemporary musical group Maverick City Music and multi-award winner songwriter, singer and choir director Kirk Franklin will enhance the country’s gospel experience in a tour dubbed the Kingdom World Tour.

The Kingdom Tour set to start on  August 12 at the Glamis Arena in Harare will see the gospel musicians touring Africa, Europe and Asia for unforgettable experiences and an encounter with God.

Founded in 2018 by Tony Brown along with Jonathan Jay in Atlanta, Maverick City made music that spoke and resonated with many people in the gospel circle releasing songs such as Promises, Jireh, Million Little Miracles, The Story I Will Tell, For My Good, Sufficient For Today and Man Of Your Word, among others.

The group was created to break down the unspoken rules in contemporary Christian music and the gospel world while giving a voice to those without a platform for their worship to be heard and shared.

Maverick City Music scooped awards in four categories it was nominated for at the prestigious Grammy Awards last year in the categories of Best Gospel Performance/Song, Best Gospel Album, Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song.

Meanwhile Kirk Franklin, a decorated gospel musician, who has won many awards including several Grammys and BET awards and fuses hip-hop rhythms with religious messages, will perform with Maverick City.

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He is best known for leading urban contemporary gospel and Christian R&B ensembles such as The Family, God's Property and One Nation Crew, among several others.

His discography includes My Life Is In Your Hands, Wanna Be Happy, Love Theory, Hello Fear, But The Blood and Everyone Hurts, among others.