DZIVARASEKWA-BASED Reggae singer and guitarist Clive “Proverb Nesta 1” Jonga who has two albums to his credit, namely: Tower of Babel (Reggaesville Nominated 2021) and Happy Place (2023) feels motivated to take his reggae music to greater heights after his well-received performances at the recently held Dzikwa Trust’s Igniting Magic and Talent Show at Reps Theatre.

The show unleashed several untapped secondary school talents with potential to provide world-class entertainment. Jonga charmed the audience with his two songs I-ternal Happiness (duet) and Rudo Unoera which was backed by the melodious Dzikwa Choir conducted by Michelle Bafana.

In a wide-ranging interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Jonga said his life was all about eating, drinking and music despite the challenges which may come his way.

“I don’t really think about the challenges; I do what I can with what I have at stake. In times when the seasons allow for plenty, plenty is given. When not, we’ll just keep smiling, sunshine or rain always give it your best. What’s meant to be will be,” Jonga said.

He is in the same boat with other artistes who concede that difficulties faced in the process of refining oneself to be a competitive musician helps  in identifying perfect solutions to music making and living as a disciplined and exemplary person.

Typical of reggae artistes and the Rastafarian communities, Jonga unleashes philosophy through speech and song and in a similar manner believes information sharing should always be characterised by a careful selection of saleable ideas that transform lives and souls.

“My journey as a musician has been fascinating, brutal, awakening, entertaining and so much more. I have had the privilege to witness firsthand the testimonies and personal experiences of the therapeutic powers that music has, the voice of hope that replaces despair and mends the broken. Music hasbeen a doorway to meeting wise minds and learning new things and unlearning old mindsets and eventually  braving into a vast world of great potential and endless possibilities.

“It has widened my perceptions on life and everything in it. I have had the chance to share everything, empty and refill my heart through it and most importantly import positively and love throughout the globe,” he said.

Acknowledging the numerous praises he received after his captivating performance at the Dzikwa Trust’s Igniting Magic and Talent Show at the Reps Theatre, Jonga said his life revolved around music and football.

“There’s nothing outside music. It’s the music, which is life and football which to me means freedom, that’s it, but the entirety of it is the music.

“Well if you are a musician out there, artist or anything and you have a dream of becoming a master of your craft and make it you gotta keep on keeping on, don’t give up,” he said.

Jonga explained that his song Rudo Unoera shares day-to-day experiences about love and urges youths to be conscious when they fall in love. The loud melodious shout that comes out of his solo act which was accompanied by the Dzikwa Trust Choir echoes the current collective effort among youth civilisation in advocating for career advancement, no to drug and illicit substances, self-control and good morals.

“The song I-ternal Happiness communicates about internal and external happiness which amounts to eternal happiness. The youths should desist from rushing for immediate gratification and sudden mood shifts through taking illicit and toxic substances.

“I-ternal Happiness comes only when one lives a morally upright life and earns a living through straightforward and replicable means,” he added.

Jonga studied music at the Zimbabwe College of Music and he also happens to be a beneficiary of the Dzikwa Trust Arts and Cultural Programme which teaches and trains youths various art disciplines like dance, music, theatre, sports and several other life skills.

Jonga appreciates the exposure he gets each time he practises with his band and other ensembles at the Dzikwa Trust.

“I believe engaging the arts is one quick and interesting way of acquiring life skills and professional competenciesthat one can use to strengthen life in the foreseeable and likeable future.

“The best way to prepare for the future is to acquire a relevant education which allows one to keep on learning and improving on best practices while building trust and integrity,” he added.