Investigators have released never before seen photos and videos showing the last moments of rap star Tupac Shakur's life following the first ever arrest made in the murder. 

Cops released new details surrounding the arrest of Duane 'Keffe D' Davis, the man charged in connection with the rapper's death in September 1996. 

The new video shows Shakur and Death Row Records CEO Marion 'Suge' Knight leading an entourage of dozens to attack rival gang member Orlando 'Baby Lane' Anderson in the lobby of the MGM Grand just hours before the shooting.

The clip goes on to show Shakur and others kicking Anderson as he lies on the ground. Security guards surround the melee but do not intervene. Shakur and Knight then leave the building before the police arrive.

Authorities have long believed that Anderson later regrouped with fellow gang members, including Davis, 60, his uncle, and conspired to find and kill Shakur that night.