FOCUSED on people living with HIV, a new television series on DStv will provide an insight into the challenges and success faced by these people on a daily basis.

Liz Dziva, MultiChoice Zimbabwe spokesperson, said the series called Yes I Have HIV Zimbabwe  launched on June 4 on DStv’s Honey Africa channel.

“This will be a fascinating and inspiring series and it will help remind us all that there are many people living with HIV who need our support and encouragement,” she said.

Host for the series is Phyllis Mavushe, who was born with HIV and who is keen to see the show make a difference in the community.

She was among a group of young people trained by Africaid Zvandiri in Zimbabwe to become community adolescent treatment supporters, and has demonstrated a passion for being a strong role model for her peers.

Phyllis has also worked to  ensure that her peers do not face delays in accessing HIV testing or being initiated on ART programmes, as well as making sure they are linked to community services.

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Dziva said: “Phyllis is the perfect fit for a show which helps people share their HIV-positive status with their loved ones for the first time. She meets with each person to find out about their individual journeys and learn how they contracted the virus. Then she brings in an expert to help families face the truth and find ways of living positively with the disease.”

Yes I have HIV Zimbabwe airs at 7.30pm on DStv's Honey Africa Channel 173, with new episodes each Sunday.