Inspirational music artiste Everton Mlalazi has become synonymous with staying true to his African roots as he continues to explore the African sound in his music.

Having made a name for himself as an anointed worshipper, the renowned Zimbabwean gospel musician has shown himself capable of successfully fusing different unique-to-Africa sounds in his music.

His popular song, Nomakunje, which features the five-time Grammy-award-winning group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, is a perfect illustration of how the African sound works for music in any genre.

Talking about how the collaboration came about, the muso spoke about the importance of letting the music take its own shape and allowing each song to grow until a perfect balance is found.

“When we were creating the song, I kept feeling that it needed something unique, that not only speaks to Africa but the unique sound associated with the continent,” Mlalazi said.

“The more I thought about it the more I realised that it needed that ‘imbube’ sound and Ladysmith Black Mambazo is one of the best musical groups in the world that knows how to bring that sound home.”

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He added: “There’s no mistaking the influence of the African sound in the song, and it is just perfect as an inspirational song, from the lyrics to the melody and harmonies.”

Speaking about Africa and what it means for him as a proud African from Zimbabwe, Mlalazi said when he celebrated the continent’s ubuntu, which he had found on his travels across Africa, there was an inherent quality of the African people.

“Africa is where I come from, specifically from Zimbabwe and I am very proud to be from here so Africa month means this is when I celebrate ubuntu. Also reminds us that Africa is endowed with the best resources and people and must claim its place as a giant in the world,” he said.

“Music is a medium of communication and it communicates hope and restoration to the people of Africa. With all the talented musicians in Africa, Africa is indeed on the map as a significant contributor to music on the global stage. African music, for example, imbube done by Ladysmith Black Mambazo for over 60 years still resonates with our African people.

“That’s why as a true African, I roped them in on my song Nomakunje Sizophumelela. A message of hope and challenging Africa to move forward and never to lose focus.”

His music offers a selection of different sounds that all have one thing in common, the message of hope. — Sunday World