AS President Emmerson Mnangagwa enters his second and final term as specified in the Constitution, a historic opportunity emerges for Zanu PF members and ambitious Zimbabweans in general to challenge for the presidency.

With the party’s leadership contest wide open to all, now is the perfect time for determined individuals, particularly the youth, to pave way for a new era of leadership. Breaking away from the long-standing dominance of a single leader, Robert Mugabe, and now Mnangagwa, Zanu PF must embrace a fair and inclusive leadership contest that allows candidates to emerge without favouritism or intimidation. This is the best time  for Zimbabweans to seize this critical moment and position themselves for the leadership of both Zanu PF and the nation.

Zimbabwe has witnessed challenges throughout its history, yet its people have demonstrated resilience and an unwavering commitment to progress. However, Zanu PF leadership has long been monopolised by a select few, hindering the growth of a vibrant and dynamic political environment. By opening up the leadership contest, Zanu PF will rejuvenate itself and ensure the flourishing of democracy within its ranks.

As Mnangagwa approaches the end of his tenure, he has a unique opportunity to create a positive and lasting legacy for future leaders. By actively promoting an open and fair leadership contest within Zanu PF, he can shape the trajectory of Zimbabwe’s political landscape. Mnangagwa’s legacy will not only be measured by his achievements during his presidency, but also by the strength and vibrancy of the party he leaves behind. This is an opportunity for him to demonstrate his commitment to democratic principles and facilitate a smooth transition of power.

Youth represents the future of the nation. Their energy, passion, and fresh perspectives can inject new life into politics and drive the country towards a brighter future. Now is the time for ambitious young individuals to step forward, engage with the political process, and position themselves for leadership roles. By actively participating in the Zanu PF leadership contest, they can influence the party’s direction and contribute to the country’s progress.

For too long, aspiring leaders within Zanu PF may have felt overshadowed or intimidated by the dominance of a select few. It is imperative that the leadership contest be conducted with transparency, fairness, and inclusivity. The party must ensure that all potential candidates are given an equal opportunity to present their visions, policies, and plans for the future. By fostering an environment of healthy competition, Zanu PF can attract a diverse range of candidates, each bringing their unique strengths and ideas to the table.

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The transition of power within Zanu PF and Zimbabwe at large must prioritise unity and stability. It is crucial for party members to unite around the shared goal of progress and development for the nation, regardless of individual ambitions. A competitive leadership contest should not lead to division or animosity, but rather serve as a catalyst for productive discussions and debates. Through respectful engagement and a commitment to the greater good, Zanu  PF can emerge stronger and more united than ever before.

As Mnangagwa embarks on his final term, Zimbabwe stands at a crossroads, offering a unique opportunity for Zanu PF members and the masses in general to contest the presidency. By embracing an open and fair leadership contest, Zanu PF can demonstrate its commitment to democratic principles and empower a new generation of leaders. This is a call to all ambitious individuals, particularly the youth, to seize this moment, position themselves for leadership and contribute to the growth and prosperity of Zimbabwe.

Together, we can build a future that reflects the aspirations and dreams of all Zimbabweans.

Let the challenge begins. - Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi