The new Article 23 significantly broadens the definition of crimes against national security.
Since assuming office in November of the previous year, President Muizzu, who is viewed as having pro-China inclinations, had requested India to withdraw its troops from Maldives.
We have a right to self-defence, says Iran
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The interview explores environmental, cultural, and geopolitical aspects. Dr Arya stresses the urgent need for international attention to address Tibetan concerns.
By Japan Forward Apr. 12, 2024
Simpson, cleared by a Los Angeles jury in what the U.S. media called "the trial of the century," had died on Wednesday after a battle with cancer, his family posted on social media on Thursday.
By Reuters Apr. 11, 2024
China topped the most recent Kearney's 2024 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index emerging market rankings
By China Daily Apr. 10, 2024
Bilateral, multilateral collaboration key
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Countless Rwandans also resisted the call to genocide. Some paid the ultimate price for that courage, and we honour their memory.
By AMH Voices Apr. 8, 2024
 For now, pay cuts and lay-offs have become a norm in a regular office environment in China.
By The HK Post Apr. 5, 2024
The thinking was that they would eliminate the Al-Sunnah presence in its area of operation.
Modern day pranks have seen everything from airlines to museums to zoos pranking people on April 1 over the years.
By DW Apr. 1, 2024
The accident happened shortly before 19:00 when one car in his convoy crashed between Gingindlovu and Eshowe in KwaZulu-Natal.
By News24 Mar. 29, 2024
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa sent his condolences to Botswana and promised support, his office said in a statement.
By Aljazeera Mar. 29, 2024
The much-touted panacea of “high-quality development” – a buzzword parroted ad nauseam by Party apparatchiks – rings increasingly hollow.
By European Times Mar. 27, 2024
Water levels at Kariba, which straddles Zambia and Zimbabwe, are expected to keep receding due to poor rainfall, Munodawafa said, although he ruled out decommissioning the dam.
By Bloomberg News Mar. 26, 2024
The Baltimore mayor, Brandon M Scott, and the county executive, Johnny Olszewski Jr, said emergency personnel were at the scene and rescue efforts were under way.
By The Guardian Mar. 26, 2024
There is little doubt that current Chinese economic recovery trends have dented investor confidence.
The Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs announced late on Thursday that General Muhoozi Kainerugaba had been appointed the chief of defence forces
By Aljazeera Mar. 22, 2024
Nowruz, is a universal celebration of new beginnings: wishing prosperity and welcoming the future, and escaping from the past.
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The figures were even more shocking than expected. In 2023 alone, the CCDI dealt with nearly 2.7 million individuals.
“The minister’s nitpicking at parts of the full court’s judgment does not establish real grounds of appeal or any reasonable prospects of success,” Fakir said.
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China’s goal is just to have people understand what it is all about, not necessarily to influence
Air Zimbabwe has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the sale of four derelict aircraft – two B737-200s and two BAe 146s – as well as other sundry spare parts.
By CH-Aviation Mar. 13, 2024
Alexander spent an extraordinary lifetime in the iron lung machine after contracting polio in 1952, aged six, which left him paralysed from the neck down.
By Daily Mail Mar. 13, 2024
He emphasized that human rights abuses by the United States are well-documented, including disparities in rights between racial groups within the country.
By Xinhua News Mar. 12, 2024
The Russia-China territorial dispute remains a delicate issue-one that requires deft diplomacy and adherence to established agreements.
Women's representation on university faculty has increased by 33.3%, and in medical science universities by 34%.
By Newsday Mar. 11, 2024
General Motors made over $2 billion in profit in 2018; however, in 2023 that figure plummeted to $440 million.
Afghanistan boasts significant reserves estimated at a value of USD 1 trillion, along with substantial amounts of crude oil and natural gas.
Stay with us as we bring you all the latest on this story.
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A coalition of religious and traditional leaders sponsored the legislation that is favoured by most lawmakers and that passed in parliament on Wednesday.
By Aljazeera Feb. 29, 2024
At present with Mohammad Muizzu’s party at the helm, the shift is more prominently towards Beijing, quite evidently.    
The root of this debt trap lies in the unviable, bloated Chinese projects the Maldives has irrationally pursued without regard for sustainability or conditions.
By pardafas Feb. 28, 2024
He went on to build his own financial empire in the City of London, founding investment trust RIT Capital, which he chaired until 2019.
By BBC News Feb. 27, 2024
Maldives recently elected President Mohammad Muizzu’s rise to power has been one of disoriented interests and misjudged priorities.
According to the government, if you have a son, you don’t get paid; it’s the children who make money, without money, young people face difficulty affording food.
If Croatia midfielder Luka Modric leaves this summer, then Mbappe would inherit the number 10 shirt he wears for France.
This advice, reminiscent of the days of Soviet Russia, raises concerns about the naivety and sympathy displayed by certain foreign intellectuals, diplomats, and media figures.
The Chinese government has been accused of widespread human rights abuses against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang since 2017.
By Bitter Winter Feb. 15, 2024
This was at the 11th World Governments Summit (WGS) in Dubai, UAE.
By The New Times Feb. 13, 2024
Zimbabwe is one of the countries worst affected by the El Nino weather pattern and struggles to feed itself.
By Reuters Feb. 12, 2024
The presence of foreign vessels has been a long-standing concern in Maldivian waters.
By admin Feb. 7, 2024
President Muizzu’s tenure is marred by a stark display of poor economic management, as the nation grapples with an array of economic challenges.
Mbumba appealed to the nation to “remain calm and collected” while the government makes state arrangements and preparations, saying further details will be announced at a later date.
By CNN Feb. 4, 2024
China’s youth unemployment rate as high as nearly 20%.
By Asian Lite Jan. 31, 2024
Representatives of both States laid out their legal arguments in The Hague on January 11 and 12 in hearings that were watched worldwide.
By The Guardian Jan. 25, 2024
It is however not only Sri Lanka that paid the price for friendlier relations with Beijing, but the story remained consistent with other countries in the region as well.
One problem Muizzu has been less willing to discuss is the presence of ISIS-related and Pakistan-related Islamic terrorists in the Maldives
By Bitter Winter Jan. 19, 2024
North West Community Safety and Transport Management MEC Sello Lehari commended authorities for enforcing the law.
By News24 Jan. 12, 2024
Grant Tungay, the spokesperson for the Zambian Civil Society Organizations’ Coalition on Access to Information, or ATI, said the new law is not perfect, but it is a good start.
By VOA Jan. 10, 2024