According to a report by the United Nations Development Programme, only 52% of women in rural areas are literate, compared to the 70% of men.
Deforestation in Zimbabwe continues to spread at a high rate due to over reliance on firewood in the rural areas.
Women who have experienced sexual harassment at work are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, and they may even be forced to leave their jobs as a result.
This means that many rural communities are being left behind in the digital revolution, unable to access the opportunities that it brings.
Furthermore, with regard to self-actors, bail applications become non-existent as some citizens in remote areas do not own smartphones that permit them to file documents electronically.
The suspects are linked to two robbery cases and an attempted murder case recorded in the region between August last year and January this year.
Ethiopia has made efforts to integrate digital technologies into disaster response and mitigation.
In response,  Mudenda said following the amendment of the Constitution to remove MPs from being part of the Provincial Councils, the next step is to pass an enabling Act.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared winner of the August 2023 election which was roundly condemned by most local, regional and international observer missions as not free and fair.
Cases of vandalism and theft of public infrastructure are on the increase despite a 10-year mandatory 10-year jail term imposed by the justice system.
The transporter said investigations were underway to determine the cause of the accident.
Zuj said it had engaged police to investigate threats directed at Maraire
ZLHR urged other members of society to stand in solidarity with the victims of  the arbitrary evictions.