Mr President, I humbly present a case for Zimbabwe, a resilient country you wanted to go to the dogs to no avail after its people rose up against Mugabe to no avail.
Every year, your masters new and old treat you to pageant and hoo-has full of empty promises and photo-ops in their capitals.
Does Mnangagwa practically love his country? How, when he toppled an elected government led by his predecessor the late Robert Mugabe in November 2017?
If anything, this law aims at nothing but to descend heavily on any person ideated as an enemy of the State.
Power is so sophisticated, especially for a person of your calibre with only infinitesimal and pitiable knowhow.
In law, a coup is unconstitutional by nature. Thus, whoever carries it out is breaking the Constitution of the land, regardless the one booted out did or replicated the same.
Remember Madagascar and its concoction that is no longer heard of. Where is President Andry Rajoelina in the defence of his “invention“?
I am of the firm belief that our colonisers pretended that they revered our traditional dances, while they actually disliked them and wanted us to concentrate on them instead of liberating ourselves.
Under capitalism, everybody is allowed to harm mother earth if doing so guarantees him or her to make the almighty dollar.
Based on what international broadcaster Al Jazeera recently exposed, those who cared to follow up its exposé now know why Africa has always been poor.
Africa needs such creative rulers who can enact laws that will help them to munch freely no matter what.
Have you easily forgotten how the world discriminated against Africans in offering asylum to Ukrainians