In honour of a famous patriot that I had the privilege to serve and in remembrance of a notable day in the history of the country, I hereby republish Morgan Tsvangirai’s epic speech.
We all hope that our enduring hope will see the realisation of our collective whims and aspirations as a people.
They are dying in droves, these iconic musicians who oozed brilliance in the class of their art.
The pretence that this villager they call ED is a Statesman has now been sufficiently quashed. It is finished.
ED and his regime are not Zimbabwe. We can attack them for all we care, especially if they trample citizens’ rights and choose to run down the country that we all love.
There is probably no proper distinction as the modern father may exhibit the characteristics of both baba and daddy depending on what is convenient for him at any given time.
Similarly, Zimbabwe’s courts do not administer justice but they do deliver political verdicts  that are convenient to Zanu PF.
The pastor was found on Sunday lying dead at the intersection of Arcturus and Lobo roads in the Cleveland area.