Nyaradzo premiums payment made easy with Techzim


It is now easy to pay Nyaradzo funeral policy premiums on Techzim websites. Techzim is a media technology company with a special interest in innovation. Techzim provides three options for policy holders to conveniently pay, avoiding the hustle of joining long queues and the risk of exposing themselves to Covid19.

They can either use a short code, WhatsApp or Techzim website to pay for various goods and services.

Techzim provides various options for Nyaradzo funeral policy holders and they can pay easily using different modes of payment like EcoCash or OneMoney. All one needs to do is to dial *405#.

This short code works on all three mobile networks available in the country, Econet, Telecel and NetOne. The short code is also compatible with any type of mobile handset including those that cannot connect to the internet.

When one dials *405# three language options are available and one can choose between English, Ndebele and Shona making the whole experience inclusive and comfortable.

The short code, *405# also allows for users to buy and pay for several goods and services including airtime for all networks, data bundles as well as electricity tokens.

Techzim website also allows for Nyaradzo related transactions without internet connection.
Policy holders can also use WhatsApp to pay for their premiums by sending the word ‘Nyaradzo’ to 0717684724 and following prompts.

For other services, policy holders can send ‘Hi’ to the WhatsApp number.
Besides providing access for Nyaradzo policy holders to pay for their premiums, Techzim website is Zimbabwe’s top online technology publication that focuses on technology development in the country and the world. Techzim provides analysis and product reviews on all thing technology.