Mnangagwa Gukurahundi denials stir up hornet’s nest

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday denied ever uttering inflammatory statements that could have stoked tensions during the Gukurahundi era, but the denial could yet trigger questions on his role during the 1980s killings.

Mnangagwa said statements attributed to him that dissidents were cockroaches that needed DDT was to exterminate them were total fabrications and that he had never uttered those words.

Mnangagwa was responding to an article in the Southern Eye that quoted David Coltart’s autobiography, saying his lawyers were perusing the book before “considering appropriate action to be taken to address the false and malicious statements”.

However, in newspaper articles that are likely to further embarrass the Vice-President, the Chronicle of March 5, 1983 reported Mnangagwa uttering those exact words.

“Likening the dissidents to cockroaches and bugs, the minister (Mnangagwa) said the bandit menace had reached such epidemic proportion that the government had to bring in DDT (Five Brigade) to get rid of the bandits,” the Chronicle quoted the Vice-President saying at a rally Victoria Falls.

Then Mnangagwa was the Minister of State Security.

The article said the government had two options to deal decisively with the dissidents, with the first being to burn down all the villages “infested with the dissidents and the other was in the Five Brigade. The government chose the latter”.

Mnangagwa has not challenged the statements in the past after they were published in Breaking the silence, a report that lifted the lid on the Gukurahundi killings.







Responding to a question on Twitter, Coltart said Mnangagwa would be badly advised if he sued.

More to follow….

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  1. Cde Gadarinocheka

    G40 will corner you on this and hammer you big time. You have been excitable and reckless Ngwena, and its coming back to hound you. Chero zvangu ndiri mumhari…iwe handimbokudi kana. Wafitwa nejere chete. You, Shiri, Dominic Chiwenga and Dzasukwz only desrve to be in jail.

  2. We told you before. Make him the country’s next president and then you will realise that although Bob had his own very serious flaws but ngwena was and will always be a heartless creature. He is not presidential material. Let us look at other options guys.

  3. But it seems GH was response to attacks from these dissidents who kidnapped and killed first ….enlighten me here ? When provoked can’t the security respond?

  4. Timothy Thorton

    As usual a story from nothing. The reference was clearly directed to dissidents,(people who wanted to overthrow a constitutional government). It did not refer to the people of Matebelelland unless Coltart is mitaking the word to refer to Matebeles. I do not even understand why Ngwena is distancing himself from the statement because there was nothing wrong with it if he had said it.

  5. @Roe – Do you restore order by murdering innocent civilians ?

    Or do you only find it wrong when opposition supporters are tortured, kidnapped and murdered or when War vets beaten up. But when it comes to this atrocity people like you hide behind the same old excuse.

    You are only referring to one incident involving tourists, of which we are not certain if that incident was plotted ti fit the grand plan of exterminating certain ethnic groups in the country. Remember the One party ideology which denied political diversity?

    People we must stand against what is wrong all the time and our country will prosper.

    1. Chombo cheshumba

      so why then is Mnangagwa distancing himself from the statement,if it was meant for dissidents

  6. Fake reasoning frm whoever is seeing an issue in this.The vp is best advised not to pursue the story at any level,court or party level.Ignore this sir.Caryon wth yo mandate as vp.Gokwe is waiting for yu.

  7. long live the republic down with dynasty/monarchy politics!

  8. G40 can never nail ED on this one. If at all, they may actually feel the wrath of RG coz he ws the head of state then and DDT wldnt hev bn released without executive orders. Jonah must be very careful coz RG may come down on him for trying to score ED using this matter.

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  10. Will the lizard go to court when he has been quote in verbatim since 1983 saying he will kill all those who live with dissidents, and the first option being to burn down all the villages in matbeleland? The guy was a motormouth. He still cant speak properly even today. The moment yaanoshama muromo unotonzwa tsitsi. He will be nailed…not in the form of taking him on at court but to spoil his candidature as a cruel guy who can not represent the who of zimbabwe, but just a midlands ganglord who was even thrashed twice in kwekwe by Blessing Chebundo. He will be sold as a guy who thrives on violence and not policy. They will amplify his unelectableness…which is already true. The lizard will crawl under rocks very soon. Finish the murderer off!

  11. after that they will bring his Al-shabab gang stories and their atrocities!

  12. …. after that they will bring his Al-shabab gang’s atrocities into limelight. The killings from 2000 to 2008 will be pinned on him as the leader and instigator. They will simply throw a bucketfull of blood on this image…because he is a lover of blood. he is game. Only Dzasukwa can save him….but he is already wrapped in Gire’s panties half the time. He can see whats out there in the world! He was overzealous in protecting the One party state mantra, imagining he will get a chance one day…manje benzi rakatiza nebutton stick into the mountains!

  13. Zezuru propaganda haishandi iyo yokuda kuvona Shumba Mrambwe vakaipa sei vasingambozuwi nezvaSekeramai aiva Minister of Defence pakavurawa vanhu . Donzvo ranaKasukuwere nanaMboko yokuda kuvona kunge vakaranga vakaipa zvikuru hazvishandi . Tozviziva ana Mboko vakagara vazuwa kuti Makaranga haatongi so vanoedza nezhira yose kuda kusvibisa Shumba Mrambwe . Isu sevana veZhira tinoti Viva baba Mnangagwa Viva pasi naGire Mugabe

  14. There is nothing wrong with any of the statements attributed to Munangagwa. A job had to be done to cleanse the place of dissidents…the cleansing process eventually led to unity. Its part of our careless history as a people…..there was no need for dissidentism in the first place as ZAPU was in Parliament and should have made as much noises as was necessary. Dissidentism actually robbed this country of a viable and truthful opposition that could have maintained a balance in our system of governance.

    1. . Exactly my thoughts. Absolutely nothing wrong in all his quoted words . Am sure the coltarts and G40 are now angry that someone has reproduced this article that destroys their propaganda completely

  15. DESTROY, you have tried by all means to bring it out cleaner and louder. Whats the motive.

  16. Newsday, please pull out as much info for us as far back as even the late 70s maybe, just maybe the youngsters in these so-called liberation parties will understand why many older people do not want to have anything to do with this type of “liberators” nor their version of “freedom”. It stinks.

  17. Straight talk there. And he was talking about crushing bandits. Honestly I dont know why he would deny or even apologise for this.Only those who supported the bandits would feel offended by bis statements.

  18. They ended up crushing all in their path. That explains the denial.

  19. What ages are the commenters above? Gonawapotera, Roe and others. There were less than 200 dissidents in entire matebeleland yet 20 000 villagers were mercilessly killed by security forces. Its the cold & genocidal response to a genuine banditry problem that Matebeles are crying about. Many villagers were caught between marauding dissidents & equally ruthless soldiers. That moment of madness must be unravelled & unpacked scene by scene for the real horror story to be told to all Zimbabweans. All those who are naive & clueless as to what happened please refrain from careless comments. There are thousands of living witnesses ready to testify. Its not true that govt chose 5 brigade option, they used both methods……thousands of villages were ashed down, there were never any captured & tried dissidents, it was mostly summary executions.

    1. Well said. Pple shud not talk recklessly. This ws no joking issue. Many affected were summerily executed and disidents that were caught if any were nvr tried for the world to hear the stories but wipped on the sport. Mnangagwa and crew hv case to answer to pple of zimbabwe in general and matebeleland in particular. So he shud b warned not to try molest this dangerous case least he is exposed more

  20. I do not see anything wrong with what Ngwena said, it was directed to rebels who had began an insurrection against a constitutionally elected government??

  21. Disident,noone is disputing anything wth this but why pik on mnangagwa when these articles dnt seem to suggest that he encouraged it.thats the issue here.If we have to explore this madness thru newspaper cuttings then we loose a lot of meaning on guku.can they show us what Nkala said that time.what president mugabe said,sekeramai,calistus ndlovu,vp muzenda,all these pple mattered a lot.they culd have said worse things other than this seemingly pursuasive language mnangagwa is shown to have said.Yu must also realise this issue is being brot up as a desperate attempt to score cheap shots against vp.its political.

    1. Even Nazis has sympathisers, people like Viola, Roe, Tengenende..etc,…. Shame manhingi. What justifies the slaughter of 20 000 innocent Zimbabweans? Mnangagwa is trying to present a clean image to further his presidential ambitions…that is why he is denying what he said all those years ago. If something stinks, no amount of wrapping and sugar coating will conceal the smell….try as you may. He is not alone too, add Mugabe to that list and most of those in ZANU PF. They killed then, and they killed after to stay in power. You do not have a monopoly of reason and knowledge of our history. We know what ZANU PF has done despite your rabid attempts at trying to ‘change history’.

      1. Mukwerekere you are spot on. It is shameful for people to seek to justify the slaughter of so many unarmed civilians. Would any of the people who shamelessly support such an unforgivable crime be able to refuse food or shelter to men armed with AK47 rifles and machine guns? What kind of people believe it was ok? If it was ok, how come Mnangagwa is seeking to deny it now?

    2. The issue is Mnangagwa is denying what he said and threatening to sue. The rest of the people you mention in your argument have not said anything.

  22. Well said viola.thats real.

  23. Am glad zanu pf is killing each other now.

  24. Even Nazis has sympathisers, people like Viola, Roe, Tengenende..etc,…. Shame manhingi. What justifies the slaughter of 20 000 innocent Zimbabweans? Mnangagwa is trying to present a clean image to further his presidential ambitions…that is why he is denying what he said all those years ago. If something stinks, no amount of wrapping and sugar coating will conceal the smell….try as you may. He is not alone too, add Mugabe to that list and most of those in ZANU PF. They killed then, and they killed after to stay in power. You do not have a monopoly of reason and knowledge of our history. We know what ZANU PF has done despite your rabid attempts at trying to ‘change history’.

  25. @Disident.I dnt think yu had a good count of the dissidents yu mention.while yu were counting those present the others were at sme railway line trying to blow it up. To this day even cafholic commision dont know how many they were bt yu say 200.yu shuld have counted them touching their shoulders,standing in a straight line.

  26. Viola, what has brought Zimbabwe to its knees is because we have people who leave in denial; ZANU has failed this country, killing innocent civilians, inciting violence, employing the divide and rule tactics, encouraging lawlessness , ruining the economy, looting from the country’s coffers, robbing future generations of the country’s mineral wealth, the list goes on. Mnangagwa’s statements were inciting violence and fanning tribalism; they were intimidating, especially to the rural unarmed population while surreptitiously encouraging the 5th brigade to do as they please. The man’s mouth was a loose canon and he cannot escape his recklessness. Now it has caught up with him. He is not a nation builder and not fit for the office he holds even the one he is aspiring for. He should be in Chikurubi.

    1. Fundani wth all due respect.all that is alleged by Coltart remains allegations until proven.I have nt read the whole book but looking at the paragraphs,its hard to buy the persieved ideas of insighting guku.If at all,its showing a responsible minister of state security warning citizens on the dangers of supporting bandits,which they were bandits.Coltart himself seems to like the idea that mnangagwa is the architect .Instead of him cming out to explain the the isue,he comes out to warning mnangagwa not to take him to court.obvouse Coltart wants sales for his book.Im sure vp is an non voluntery acter in this book.My mother being from midlands used to visit n smetimes stay in midlands during that time.

  27. Hahaha Coltrat is not the only person who has written about Mnangagwa’s inflammatory statements during the Matebebeland atrocities,they are many why didn’t he sue them?Or maybe he has never come across those articles.

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